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The Artist's Daughter Book Club: Week Four

by Alex

we love

July 30, 2013

Hello Darling...

Summer means outside play. Sand in the diapers. Dirt between the toes. Rocks and shells and all kinds of treasures brought from the outside to the inside in pockets and makeshift big girl purses to be dumped on the floor as mountains of treasure. Summer means messy for moms.

So here we are in our final week of the July summer book club for moms of wee ones and we’re still in the middle of full-on mess? When does the mess get cleaned up? Ever?! Will we ever have cars without crumbs? Sinks without dishes? And floors without trails of unidentified stickiness? Probably that day will come. Someday way far away. And when it does we will probably miss the mess and the little people it represents. But in the middle of summer days we need relief NOW.

Maybe the key is looking for what is beautiful in the midst of it and holding on to those moments. Those snapshots. Even if our holding on is with white knuckles. Because if we spend our now wishing it away, are we really embracing it? Because to embrace means to not only accept the state of our life, it means to claim it. Own it. Call it ours. And be thankful for the beauty when we can find it.


So what are the messy parts of your life these days? Those hard things that make you cringe? And how are you looking for the beauty in the midst of the mess?

Thanks for joining us in this book club discussion. If you didn’t participate in previous weeks, you can still go back and watch videos and comment. You are the Artist’s daughter.

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Running all week from dusk to dawn between kids and work and not having the funds for a vacation this year; I have found quiet beauty in my backyard, Weekend mornings my husband and I take our coffee, bible and lawn chairs to the shade of the trees. The glorious warm summer mornings calm our spirits and delight our souls. While the kids relax inside, we share time outside. Truly, one of life's simple pleasures.


The messy parts of my life are the behavioral issues we seem to be getting out of my 3.5 year old, which then seem to transfer to my 1.5 year old. It is so hard to contain anger, when I know that this is just a part of them growing up and exploring their boundaries. When this happens it sometimes makes it hard to enjoy their sweet snuggles when just an hour earlier I wanted to sell them to someone! But I know this is just a phase and that I need to be looking for the beauty in all this chaos.


Thanks Holly for sharing. As you can see I'm a total mess because I just posted a blank comment here. I spend so much of my day cleaning (and I'm not even a neat freak) and I should be spending more time playing with my kids. Not meant as a personal guilt trip, just a reminder that the mess is okay. Really it is.



Currently Pregnant with our third, with two very active little boys, and a husband who is working full time and in school full time, life is just a mess right now. My usual summer consists of gardening, canning, playdates, organizing, and all the fun things. This year I've stuggled with priorites and letting go. One thing that has managed to stay at the top is quiet time before bed. My almost four and almost 2 year old boys, climb up in my lap, we rock in the chair, and we either read books or watch a show, its at these time I look around at the toys on the floor, dirty dishes in the sink, dust on the shelf, and I realize it doesn't matter. Eventually things will be clean (for a whole five minutes), but my boys will never be this age again. A Beautiful Mess for sure!!