We are passionate proponents of the influence of women and the value of motherhood. We know that better moms make a better world and that MOPS is for all moms.

“This was my first year in MOPS, and I can’t tell you how much it has enriched my life. After moving to a new community, I have made friends, strengthened my faith, and have felt so supported in many ways as a new mom.” – Ashlyn

“MOPS is one of the best programs our church runs to reach and connect with the unchurched families in our community. MOPS meets a fundamental felt need of young moms: community. Our church has experienced so many families who have joined our church after first finding us through the MOPS program.” -Curt Taylor, Senior Pastor at Cherry Hills Community Church

“MOPS provided me a safe space to be brave and step out of my comfort zone to seek friendships and serve as a leader. I have so many deep and wonderful friendships to keep this lonely season of life full and filled with support.” – Emily