Cities bring us together.

In the city, we find people. We find families. We find mothers.

And motherhood?

It’s the most powerful common denominator. An understanding that transcends languages, cultures, ethnicities and economics. A bond that when tested exceeds every expectation. That when needed – will run after the mom who feels alone. Disconnected or unseen. Why?

Because when moms flourish – everyone around them flourishes.

Cities. Churches. Communities. Families. Generations.

Moms are a community of connectors. They will plant, seek and fight for one another.

It is happening in diverse cities, rural towns, military bases, booming metroplexes and suburban neighborhoods.

You’ll find them in parks, schools, churches, chat rooms and community centers.

Because in the city – God is working out a plan.

He is connecting moms to one another. Families to churches and generations to Jesus. 

At MOPS, we’re launching our biggest, most intentional investment in cities around the U.S. Starting with San Diego. We’re partnering with non-profit leaders, area churches and individual moms to see a move of the Gospel.  

Mom by mom. Church by church. Neighborhood by neighborhood. City by city. Until there is none left to seek. Until they all know the depth of the love of Jesus.

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‘The city is people; the city is dressed as a bride; the city is being transformed; the city is not going up but coming down. It is where the nations will be healed because the Lord is making everything new. It is already happening, but not yet. God is transforming the city already and will complete it at the coming of the Lord.’ The Church and the City – Manuel Ortiz