MOPS Group Renewal

Here’s The Renewal Deal for the 2020-21 Year:

COVID-19 Update: If there is one thing we’ve learned through MOPS, it’s that we are much stronger together than we could ever be apart. That’s why we want to support YOU and your church’s needs during this unprecedented time in history, and we’ll be changing a few things with our renewal process this year.

First, renewal for the 2020-21 year is locked-in, indefinitely, at its lowest price of $179. Normally our price increases in May and again in July, but not this year.

MOPS Group with Group Experience Kit:

  • April 1 – September 30: $179

Digital Only MOPS Groups:

  • April 1 – September 30: $129

Global MOPS Groups:

  • Email your global ministry developer (coach) or email for pricing

New Renewal Payment Option:

When you renew, you can pay now or you can defer your payment to August 15. Follow our simple step-by-step instructions and select pay now or pay later. (Note: Groups who pay later will receive instant access to our digital resources but will not receive our printed Group Experience Kit until their renewal is paid in full.)

NOTE: If it does not pose financial hardship to pay for renewal now, please do, as this will allow our organization to continue supporting moms around the world during this crisis of isolation.

Regardless of when you’re able to pay, renew today so moms can connect with your group (and church!) now and throughout the summer, when they need connection the most. Renewing now also gives your leaders all they need to plan meetings for moms – no matter how we gather.

When you renew your MOPS group, you’ll get everything you need to create a welcoming space for every mom in your group where she will:

  • connect with other moms
  • grow as a woman and mom
  • experience the love of Jesus through the moms in your group
  • have more fun

Every organization receives one Group Experience Kit – a box full of everything you need to plan a year full of great things for moms. (Digital groups do not receive a Group Experience Kit, but do receive access to the theme material online.)

But There’s More!

We are able to pack so much into your Group Experience Kit, but there are also plenty of year-round resources that will enable you to impact the moms in your community:

  • Your organization can renew your MOPS group beginning April 1 at
  • After July 1, if your group has not renewed, all of your leaders will lose access to the Leader Site and all of the resources. All of your group information stays in place, but you won’t be able to access it until you renew.
  • Renewal is by organization, so if you have more than one group you will have the opportunity to renew them all at the same time – for one price.
  • If your group renews but defers payment, please return to Group Management and click on PAY NOW to finish the payment process before August 15, 2020.
  • Every organization receives one Group Experience Kit with your renewal (Digital groups kit is online only). But if you’d like an extra, you can order one during the renewal process for $49.95/kit.
  • Your Group Experience Kit will be shipped directly from our fulfillment center, and we’ll email the tracking information to the person who renews your group.



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