MOPS Group Renewal

Without Further Ado … It’s Time to Renew!

Here’s The Renewal Deal for the 2018-19 Year:

  • From April 1 to June 30, renew your group for $179
  • After June 30, renew for $219

What Comes With Renewal?

Everything you need to create a space to welcome each mom and help her experience the love of Jesus lived out in the lives of other women.

Every organization receives one Group Experience Kit – a box full of everything you need to plan a year full of great things for moms. (If you have more than one group in your organization, you can order extra kits during renewal for $49.95.)

Your Group Experience Kit Packs Quite a Punch!

Here’s a list of what you’ll find inside:

FIND YOUR FIRE VIDEO STORIES: Learn from leaders as they walk us through what it means to Find Your Fire. This includes videos to cover an entire year of meetings for moms, plus Leader Segments designed to develop your Team.

FUEL THE FIRE: AN INVITATION TO LEAD DARINGLY: This interactive, thought-provoking Leader resource is filled with theme devotionals, meeting plans, tips to develop your Leadership skills, and ideas to create an experience that draws moms in and points them toward Jesus.

SHARE JESUS BOOK: This fierce little companion focuses on the heartbeat of MOPS. Learn about our mission to change the landscape of the future by introducing 1 million moms to Jesus. Consider how your everyday conversations are an opportunity to introduce Jesus into the lives of women.

PUBLICITY KIT: Inviting moms to MOPS just got a whole lot simpler! Spread
the word about your MOPS group in your local community with these helpful tools
and goodies.

MOPS KIDS BUNDLE: Find tips on running a successful MOPS Kids program that draws in moms and kids (including ideas for finding workers for your program and using the MOPS Kids resources.)

  • A Sing n’ Sprout CD with fun songs to use in kids’ meeting times plus great digital content to help plan your meetings.
  • Frolic for MOPS Kids sample lesson plus a huge discount on Frolic material that provides a full year of lessons.

SAMPLE MOM MEMBERSHIP KIT: Get a peek at what your moms and Mentors will get when they register for MOPS Membership. It is adorable if we do say so ourselves!


But There’s More!

We are able to pack so much into your Group Experience Kit, but there are also plenty of year-round resources that will enable you to impact the moms in your community:

A Few Facts About Renewal:

  • Renewal is by organization, so if you have more than one group you will have the opportunity to renew them all at the same time – for one price.
  • Every organization receives one Group Experience Kit with your renewal. But if you’d like an extra, you can order one for $49.95/kit.
  • Your Group Experience Kit will be shipped directly from our fulfillment center and we’ll email the tracking information to the person that renews your group.
  • After July 1, if your group has not renewed, all of your Leaders will lose access to the Leaders’ Website. All of your group information stays in place, but you won’t be able to access it until you renew.

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