Let’s Keep Changing the World …



Because together we can:

Create community that battles loneliness,

Draws women in and

Introduces them to Jesus

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When You Renew,

You’ll Receive:

· Thoughtfully curated and easy-to-use mom
curriculum in an
enhanced digital format

· Dynamic leader support through monthly coaching and
online training courses

· Interactive and fun
MOPS Kids curriculum

· Ready-to-use marketing
tools that are easily

 Renewal Pricing

Register moms in and May and take advantage of our Buy 7, Get 1 Free membership deal! Visit leaders.mops.org/membership for all the details about membership.

Your organization can renew your MOPS group beginning April 5th. Renew Here
In order to not lose access to the leader site and all of the resources, renew your group by June 1st.
Beginning May 3rd, renewed groups will have access to ALL of our theme resources in an enhanced digital format.
If you signed up for auto-renewal, we will do the work for you and renew your group on April 1st.
Renewal is by organization, so if you have more than one group you will have the opportunity to renew them all at the same time – for one price.
In order to simplify the types of groups we offer, we no longer offer a “digital-only” group option. All digital groups have been merged into our traditional MOPS group type.
Email your global ministry developer or email globalsisterhood@mops.org for pricing.