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Ministry Renewal FAQs

What is Ministry Renewal?

Every church is required to complete the annual renewal process and confirm contact and group information for the new year. The annual renewal fee is $159 per church. Renewal for the 2015-16 year begins April 1, 2015.

What if we have more than one MOPS group at our church?

Coordinate with the other leaders and the church to decide who will complete the renewal. Once the renewal is completed for the church, every group will be renewed. Each group is responsible for setting up their group information and for registering leaders and moms returning next year. One Group Experience Kit will be mailed to the church. Churches with multiple groups can share, duplicate or replicate the DVD materials for any group you have or may add this coming year. Additional kits can be ordered for $45 each. 

What does the Group Experience Kit contain?

It’s got endless tools to help you run your group. From curriculum to leadership training to mentor resources – we give you everything you need to plan MOPS meetings for an entire year. A complete list of what’s in this year’s Group Experience Kit is located here.

What if every group would like their own group experience kit?

That’s fine too. Additional kits can be ordered for $45. Visit to order yours.

What if each group has separate bank accounts?

Talk to the other leaders and work out who will pay the renewal fees for this year and how you will split the cost.

What if our church is not involved in our group?

This would be a great opportunity to connect with the church and tell them all about your group! Share stories of how MOPS has changed the lives of the moms and families in your group. Ask them to assign a church contact for your group (this could be the Family Pastor, Women’s Ministry Leader or Outreach Pastor) who you can connect with regularly. Groups are more successful when they have someone from the church connected to the group leaders and moms.

What are the benefits of being part of the MOPS organization?

  • Group Search  your group infformation will be listed on the MOPS Group Search website – so moms looking for a group in your zip code can find your group.
  • Leader Support  MOPS provides practical, proven leadership training for all group leaders through DVDs, webinars, regional events and MOMcon, the MOPS International Leadership Conference.
  • Proven, successful group model - 40 years of experience serving moms and families through local churches. 
  • National recognition – moms recognize MOPS and you have access to our logo, curriculum and marketing materials. 
  • Leaders' Site - where leaders can connect with each other and download handbooks, meeting templates, registration forms and promotional materials. 
  • Annual Group Experience Kit - new theme, leader training and group meeting DVD teachings that include meeting plans provided for every group type.
  • Coaching - local support and care for leaders through our extensive MOPS Volunteer Staff and Group Care Team.

What if I have a brand new group?

Groups that signed the Ministry Agreement between December 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015 are automatically renewed and do not go through the renewal process. Your group will automatically receive a new Group Experience Kit when they start shipping later this summer. Just check in at to set up your leadership team and register moms for the 2015-16 year.