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New Leaders

New Leader On-ramp

We love leaders. And we REALLY love new leaders.  We want to do everything we can to help you be the kind of leader you want to be and that your group needs.  Grab a cup of coffee and start digging through all the awesome resources we have here - just for you. 

You have just taken a very important step - you've decided to jump in and share what you know with others.  

You've decided to lead. 

At MOPS, that makes us very happy.  We want to share everything we've learned and everything we have to offer women like you.  

So let's pretend we're sitting across a table from each other with vanilla lattes in our hands and we'll talk about all the great things MOPS leaders do.

Let's start with the basics

MOPS leaders start groups and lead groups. In order to do this well, we provide leaders everything they need to lead with confidence. We have a MOPS Idea Center where we share thousands of creative ideas.  We provide an Annual Ministry Kit loaded with things to help plan meetings. Additionally, we provide marketing tools, video training, support from our MOPS Coaches, and the most incredible annual conference that brings MOPS leaders together for inspiration. 

Take some time to look through our Tips and Training designed just for you - the new leader.  Contact your MOPS Coach - she is waiting to hear from you and ready to support you. 

MOPS believes every woman is a leader.

                             And the first step is the scariest.

                                                                      You took that step.

                                                                                                We'll take the next one with you. 

New Leader Checklist

Tips, Tricks and Checklists - all for you!  Want to get off to an organized start?  You've come to the right place. 



The Basics

We are tackling the questions new leaders (and some experienced leaders!) ask the most. Let's take a look at Building a Leadership Team, Handling Finances, Spreading the Word and MOPPETS Matters.

Come on in and spend a minute or spend an hour - and leave with answers and ideas. 

MOPS Coach

Connect with a coach who has been there done that. She's been a MOPS leader for awhile and has all the super secret inside info for you.

Okay, there isn’t really any super secret inside info but she can answer questions and  help you sort through all those ideas in your head. 

Your Coach is: 

MOPS Service