What is a MOPS group?

Here’s the skinny:  MOPS groups are gatherings of moms coming together for community, conversation and friendship. The goal of MOPS is to meet each mom where she is and walk beside her as she embarks upon the crazy and beautiful journey we call motherhood. That’s why we have four different types of MOPS groups – so that YOU, mama, get exactly what you need and are surrounded by other moms just like you.


Feel like just an ordinary mom? Far from it, sister! No matter how many kids you have, if you work, stay-at-home, are married or single, starting a MOPS group empowers you to link arms with other moms and journey together through motherhood. MOPS groups vary in size from 4 – 200 moms and meet once or twice per month. You cannot be supermom all the time, which is why groups often provide childcare for MOPS moms through our MOPS Kids program.


Teen MOPS provides a supportive and welcoming environment where a teen mom can come and let her guard down, find motivation, encouragement, and relief knowing she is not alone. Teen MOPS groups help teen moms become more self-sufficient, confident, mature and giving women. These groups meet in public schools or community centers, as well as in churches, and usually meet twice a month. Teen MOPS group Leaders receive additional resources specifically related to teen parenting.


We know that your job as a mom doesn’t stop when your kiddos head off to school. Though new challenges and struggles arise as you enter into the school years with your kids, the need for community, hope and friendship remains. That’s why we offer MOMSnext, groups that are specifically designed to meet the needs of moms with school-age children.


Because of the unique situations that Military moms face, we have created a group with all the support and care as a regular MOPS group, with the much-needed flexibility military life requires. Military MOPS groups meet once or twice each month for teaching, discussion groups, creative activities and mom talk over a meal or snack. Military MOPS groups also often provide childcare through our MOPS Kids program.

No matter what group format you choose, each of them have these core components in common:

  • Belief that moms are leaders
  • Discovery-based meetings with an opportunity to encounter Jesus
  • Membership offering that enhances the group experience
  • Research working with moms which spans over 45 years
  • Transformational content plan that helps moms in their mothering, faith and leadership

Looking for MOPS resources in Spanish? Visit mops.org/espanol

What do you get when you start a MOPS group?

For Yourself

  • Specialized Coaching and Leadership training.
  • National MOPS Leadership development opportunities, designed for Leaders of each group.

For Your Group

  • A community of sisterhood
  • A space for honest conversations
  • A time to relax and decompress

In Your Hands

  • A Group Experience Kit – everything (and by everything, we mean everything) you need to launch your group. You’ll also get publicity ideas, meeting templates, access to our Group Management database to keep an organized group, MOPS Kids program content, and so, so much more!

Ready to Start a Group?

Starting a MOPS group means speaking love into the lives of women, children and families for generations to come. We are so excited to join you in this journey!

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