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MOPS Books

We know that you want the best mothering insight and inspirations. And you want to make your limited time count. So MOPS seeks out the best content for our mom-tested, MOPS approved books.

We’ve got a FREE eBook for every MOPS mom!

Pin This!

Pin This! : Being the Real You in a World of Facebook and Pinterest

If you are a woman and mother trying your best to just to keep up with your kids, much less the Joneses, you’ll appreciate Tricia Lott Williford’s take on the struggle to shine and just be yourself amidst the glitz and glamour of Pinterest-inspired homemaking and the competitive world of family fables shared on Facebook. 

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2014-15 Theme Book

Brave Mom

Brave Mom: Facing and Overcoming Your Real Mom Fears

In Brave Mom, President and CEO of MOPS International shares insight and advice on the 10 most common fears that mothers faces. Honest and open, she addresses the issues of self-identity, marriage concerns, your child's health and safety, wondering whether you're a good mom, and many other common fears you're afraid to talk about. Each chapter contains a prayer for moms to turn their fears over to God's protection and care.

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2013-14 Theme Books

The Artist's Daughter

The Artist’s Daughter: A Memoir

One woman’s story of understanding her 
mothering identity by exploring the layers
of her life that shaped who she is today. 
Learn more about your own story as you read.

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Known & Loved

Known and Loved: 52 Devotions from the Psalms
Drawing from the Psalms, Caryn shows
women how God sees them, what he
created them to do and how he created
them to be. She shows mothers that they
are valued and valuable as she explores
areas of identity. Great resource for any
mom and leader who wants to go deeper.

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Other MOPS Favorites

My Favorite Bible

My Favorite Bible 
Filled with some of the best-loved stories of the Bible, this storybook uses repetition, rhythm, and energy, along with a key biblical theme, a key Bible verse, an activity page, and discussion questions to help children grow closer to God. 

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Out of the Spin Cycle

Out of the Spin Cycle  
Jen Hatmaker has a wonderful way of taking serious topics and infusing both humor and biblical wisdom. She speaks to the woman inside the mom addressing issues such as worry, money, marriage, and priorities. Take a few moments and lighten your mother load! Download a study guide to use this book with a group. 

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Mom Connection

Mom Connection 
In this witty book for moms, Tracey Bianchi encourages mothers to cultivate deep friendships, create healthy rhythms for their families, and give back to the world beyond your own doors. 

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Always There

Always There 

From the humorous to the solemn, these fifty-two short devotions will capture your heart as you reflect upon your important role as a mother and upon God's abiding presence. Selections by Ann Voskamp, Alexandra Kuykendall, Kathi Lipp, Tracey Bianchi, Kim Hill, Renee Swope and more.

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