All day long you take care of other people, but who’s taking care of you?

You need a weekend to recharge. Meet up with old friends, speed date for new ones, or be the wallflower that just absorbs all the goodness this mom party has to offer. Our speakers will reignite that spark that makes you who you are – a unique and beloved child of God and an incredible mom. The live worship will sweep you away, and breakout sessions will give you space to process with captivating authors and experts.

If you feel like the stress of the pandemic stole years from your life, this event will give them back with interest. So pack your best southern accent and join us down in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s like a weekend at the spa, but for your soul. MOMcon 2021 is happening September 9-11. Come as you are, and leave a little closer to who you want to become!

MOPS will be abiding by the protocols the Gaylord Opryland has in place at the time of the event. The state of Tennessee and the Opryland Gaylord are currently under no COVID restrictions due to vaccine levels and infection rates. Masks are optional and will be, of course, respected. To view the current safety measures in place, please visit:


The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization. COVID-19 is extremely dangerous and is believed to be spread from person-to-person contact. As a result, federal, state and local governments and health agencies recommend established guidelines to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. These include wearing masks, requiring social distancing and, in many locations, prohibiting the congregation of large groups of people. MOMcon takes place in Nashville, TN and MOPS International will follow their local guidelines.

It must be understood that COVID-19 is a continuing threat to the health and lives of participants/attendees of MOMcon.

Notwithstanding the risk of infection, participants, by their presence at the MOMcon wish to voluntarily participate in this event.

In consideration of being allowed to participate in any way in MOMcon, and related events and activities, all participants by virtue of their attendance, state as follows:

  1. It is understood that although MOPS International, Inc. has taken precautions to provide proper organization, supervision, instruction, and equipment for the services being offered, it is impossible for the organization to guarantee absolute safety from infection by the COVID-19. Attendees and participants acknowledge their responsibility for safety during all MOMcon activities, and assume that responsibility.
  1. It is understood that risks during MOMcon activities include possible exposure to the COVID-19.
  2. All participants/attendees assume all the foregoing risks and personal responsibility for possible damages due to any possible exposure to COVID-19 during MOMcon.

By attending, you acknowledge that you have read and accept this Assumption of the Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to COID-19 during MOMcon.

MOMcon tickets are fully refundable or transferable to the following year up to 30 days prior to the event. However, if you find that you are unable to attend after purchasing your ticket, you can sell/transfer your ticket to another mom. See information regarding transferring a ticket.
Yes you can. Check your confirmation email – there’s a link there to your event registration. From there, you can send a link to the person to whom you’re transferring your ticket; the link will take that person to a page to pay for the ticket and transfer it into her own name. You will then be refunded the ticket price (minus transfer fees). If you have any trouble, email for help.
If you are purchasing group tickets, you must purchase all the group tickets in one transaction to qualify for group discount rates.
We truly want this time to be a retreat for you but if you do need to bring your baby, MOMcon will have a private room where nursing moms can pump or nurse during posted hours of operation. The main gatherings will be streamed to the nursing moms room. Due to noise levels exceeding pediatrician recommended safety levels, infants are not allowed into the main gatherings even with headphones. Infants up to one year are permitted into the workshops. We do ask that moms with babies sit toward the back of the workshop room and be willing to exit if their child becomes distracting to the speaker and/or fellow attendees. Children older than one year and not nursing are not allowed at MOMcon.
Many churches see the value in training their MOPS leadership team and are able to foot the bill to send them to MOMcon. For talking points on how to ask your church about helping to get your leadership team to MOMcon, email
MOMcon isn’t just for leaders – it’s for ALL moms who want to be encouraged and equipped in their mothering, marriage, leadership and faith. At MOMcon, you’ll be able to participate in gatherings and workshops from industry experts, and you will walk away from MOMcon with new skills, tangible next steps, and renewed passion to embrace your mothering journey.
Your MOMcon ticket allows you admittance into the entire conference – including gatherings, workshops, the marketplace and MOMcon Prom. Your MOMcon ticket does NOT cover your airfare, lodging, meals or souvenirs.
We will announce new speakers, artists and workshop leaders and topics as we add them to our line-up. We cannot announce anyone until contracts have been signed. Make sure to follow us on social media and check for MOMcon emails to be the first to know when we announce speakers and artists at MOMcon.
Our Virtual Ticket and Watch Party Ticket is all live as it happens in Nashville.
No. Your Watch Party Ticket is meant for a group of you to watch in-person. If someone else gets your link, you may not be able to watch.
Yes. The link you will receive is unique to your ticket. If two people try to use the link at the same time, only one person will gain access.