MOMcon 2016 Resources

MOMcon 2016 was your time to breathe in the winds of wonder, a place to explore the hills of hope and your chance to answer the call to be a conduit who kindles kindness.  Relive the moments and share our videos with your groups, encouraging them to choose wonder, hope and kindness.

Did you look through your “Unpack at Home” section of the MOMcon 2016 program? Find your program, read through your notes and curl up with a warm beverage and the “Unpack at Home” section. (You can also download that section!)

MOMcon 2016 Highlight Reel

Relive your weekend and share it with your friends. Then start making plans NOW to join us in Kansas City in September 2017.


The Wonder of Creation


The Hope of Immanuel


The Kindness of a Savior

The three theme videos written, produced and hand lettered by Kendall Parkhurst – filmed and edited by Scott Shek. (C) 2016 MOPS International


MOPS Volunteer Staff – Sisterhood Thrives Here

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