Introducing MOMx  

Inspired by TEDx [TED Talks] a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas in the form of short powerful talks, MOMx  [MOM Talks] is an opportunity for you to share a relevant message with an audience of 3000 women leaders on the main stage at MOMcon 2016, the MOPS International Leadership Conference.

MOMx  is an incredible opportunity to expose ideas that matter to an audience of world changers.

If you had the stage at MOMcon for 10 minutes, what would you say to your fellow moms as they prepare to leave a dreamy weekend full of inspiration and head back home to reality, their families and their MOPS groups?

What final shot-of-MOPS courage would you share? How would you inspire leaders to love the moms in their group well? What practical re-entry tips would you offer to help implement all they’ve learned at MOMcon? How do Hope, Wonder & Kindness fit well into the MOPS group experience? How would you motivate women to ‘Be the Starry Eyed’ and share Jesus through your own story?

You are the moms living and leading MOPS, and we think you have something valuable to offer. A voice that needs to be heard. And we want to hear it.   

This is a chance to share an 8-10 minute talk on stage at MOMcon. We are open to topics you think will resonate with our audience at the end of MOMcon. We kick off the weekend recognizing we are family, united in mission and in this together, and we end on that note, too. So in some ways, the sky’s the limit.  What do your fellow moms need to hear from you?

What this Isn’t: A sermon. A lecture. We know you are creative communicators and inspiring storytellers. Bring that.

Next Steps: Not to make you nervous – but we need a video. Nothing fancy, we’re talking phone – selfie style is fine (as long as the audio is decent). Even though you’ll have 8-10 minutes on stage, in your submission video we would like you to introduce yourself and give a quick summary of what you want to share and why in 2-3 minutes. You’ll also send us a 200-300 word written summary of anything else you think we should know about your topic and your background/education/passion in regard to your topic. This sounds strict – but we’re actually pretty open to what you want to submit.

To be considered for this opportunity, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be registered to attend MOMcon 2016.
  • You must be a currently registered MOPS Member.
  • Submit an original 2-3 minute sample video of you discussing your chosen subject matter to by May 31, 2016 and include the following:
    • Subject line: MOMTALK SUBMISSION
    • 200-300 word synopsis of your topic
    • Contact info:
      • First and last name
      • Mailing Address
      • Best contact phone

Record your 2-3 minute sample video on your phone or whatever device is convenient and attach it to your submission email. The value of your message and your ability to present well matter more than Hollywood-quality video production; if you have a message to share that savvy women leaders should hear, we want to know about it.

View a fun video from speaker/comedienne Sally Salas here.

View a hilarious TEDx from psychologist Shawn Achor here. 

The fine print:

All project entries must be received via email at by Midnight MT on Tuesday May 31, 2016. Incomplete entries will not be considered.

Submitting content and participating in the MOMx project indicates your agreement that MOPS International may use your original content in part or in whole, written or recorded, in any way we see fit. This includes email, social media and website reproduction and distribution of copy/images/video as well as live or video presentation of your written or recorded content onstage at MOMcon or other MOPS sanctioned events. The content we receive may be distributed in conjunction with MOMcon 2016, other events, or other purposes as the organization sees fit. This is an opportunity to share a practical or inspirational message with the MOMcon 2016 audience and participants will receive no financial compensation.

MOPS International reserves the right to choose participants in this project by means of staff review of submitted content. Due to the large number of submissions we expect to receive, participants who are not chosen to discuss their topic further or present at MOMcon 2016 will not be contacted. Participants chosen to discuss their topic further or to present at MOMcon will be contacted via the email or telephone information provided.