Active-Duty Military

  • 70% of families do NOT feel a sense of belonging to their local community, belonging being a critical component of military family resiliency.
  • 80% of spouses report they do NOT feel a sense of belonging to their spouse’s unit/command or their affiliated spouse support group.
  • 49% of spouses identify a need for resources for spouse groups.
  • 30% of families rate the resources for community support as “inadequate”.
  • Over 30% of spouses report they have zero friends in their local community with whom they could ask for help if needed.

*2021 Military Family Lifestyle Survey by Blue Star Families

MOPS International

  • 92% of members report MOPS provided them with a supportive community.
  • 89% of members report they had opportunities to develop and grow their leadership skills.
  • 82% of members say MOPS creates opportunities for mentorship and authentic friendships.
  • 90% of members say their membership provided practical tools to be a better mom.
  • 6/10 members report that participation in MOPS improved their marriage.
  • 85% of faith leaders who partner with MOPS report MOPS has increased their community outreach and has allowed their organization to reach, engage and support moms.

*2021 MOPS International Annual Report