Mama Meetups™ are online communities gathering to navigate the joys and challenges of our own unique journeys. Working mom? Single mom? Tired mom? Mom of a kiddo with special needs?
We see you. There is a seat at the table. We need you.

Join a Mama Meetup™ with other moms in similar life phases, or find a meetup gathering during a time that works for your schedule. You’ll dive into questions, studies and encouragement alongside moms navigating unique challenges, just like you.

You’ll need a MOPS membership to be part of a Mama Meetup™. We have three options designed to fit your mothering lifestyle. Come find your mama crew and reclaim your joy, strength and courage like never before.

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Yes, we see this as an incredible opportunity to connect our Global Sisterhood from around the world.
All the time, 24 hours a day! Groups are meeting around the world. Look at each group description to determine the meeting time that best works with your schedule and your mothering needs!
Our groups are limited to 12 members per group, allowing for true connection. If you’ve been put into a waitlist, the leader will contact you when space becomes available. If you would rather not be on a waitlist, you could start a new group!
The more the merrier! We recommend splitting yours into 2 groups. It’s free to start a new group and it adds more seats at the “table”.
We’ve got you! From providing discussion starters, tools to manage your group, and ongoing leadership training, we’ll be with you every step of the way!

100% yes! If you’re a mom (or soon-to-be), Mama Meetups are for you! We will have a variety of groups tailored to specific mothering needs and experiences.
Yes, your Meetup leader will be communicating with you consistently.