MOMcon is a space to remind moms and MOPS leaders from all around the world that they are the most influential people on the planet. It’s a weekend for moms to come together, champion motherhood in all its glory, and renew their minds to what matters most. Part mom camp, part leadership conference, part straight-up CHURCH – you will leave knowing that your motherhood is a catalyst to the plans and purposes God has for your life.

What you call limitation, God calls liberation. What you call failure, God calls fuel.

What you call a constraint, God calls a catalyst. #MOMCON2020

MOMcon 2020
September 17-19, 2020
Gaylord Rockies Resort
Aurora, Colorado

Expect to learn something new. We bring in world-class speakers, teachers, artists and all-around world changers to offer something incredible for everyone at MOMcon. Our gatherings and workshops are designed around what you care about most, like parenting, marriage, faith, leadership and calling, to name a few. With more than 20 different hot-ticket topics to choose from, the comment we hear most is that it’s nearly impossible to pick which workshops to attend and which to skip. All that to say, bring a pen and prepare to take some serious notes, because you’re going to gain so much knowledge.

(Workshop speakers and topics will be announced soon! Check back here to see what’s in store.)

Expect to receive specific, MOPS leadership training. MOMcon started out as an event exclusively for MOPS leaders, but we don’t really do well with the word “exclusive,” so we’ve expanded it to any and all moms. All this means is that there is something incredible for you either way. Leaders, we still offer all the leadership training, MOPS tools, and spiritual formation you could possibly need to strengthen your MOPS leadership. We’ll offer specific leadership tracks that are made just for you, plus position-specific meetups and workshops.

In fact, many churches see the value in training their MOPS leadership team and are able to foot the bill to send them to MOMcon. For talking points on how to ask your church about helping to get your leadership team to MOMcon, email

Expect a pretty packed schedule. Again, we want to fit as much goodness as we can in our short time together. From main gatherings to workshops to moms’ night in, you’ll be eagerly walking from one place to the next trying to absorb as much as you can, so bring comfy shoes. Don’t worry, we build in some time for you to relax, enjoy your girlfriends in your hotel room and FaceTime your kids you may be missing dearly. (Or maybe not – you do you.)

Expect to dance, sing, laugh and cry a lot. Nearly 25 years of putting on this event, and we can say with certainty: You will experience some really big feelings at MOMcon. Mostly good, sometimes hard (which is good, too). We get real, fast. We know you made a lot arrangements to be here, so we don’t want to waste any time on formalities. Just know that it’s a safe place to sing off-key, dance like no one’s watching, get a good cry in, and laugh at all the ridiculousness that takes place all weekend.

Speaking of dancing, expect to attend the biggest costume party you’ve ever seen. Saturday night, we close our time together with a huge dance party we call MOMcon Prom. You don’t have to dress up, but every year we have a costume theme for this massive party, and our moms go ALL. OUT. Previous themes have been ‘80s, ‘90s, Woodstock and Disney. Stay tuned for what this year’s MOMcon Prom theme will be …

Expect to leave different than you came. As you head back to your family, ready to hug those kids much longer than they’d prefer … You’re going to feel different. Probably lighter, more grateful, and more ready to embrace the life you have. See, MOMcon isn’t the end of something, it’s just the beginning. Once you get home? This is the part where you put it all into motion, where your family notices, where you act upon the truth that your motherhood is a catalyst. The best part.

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This year, MOMcon is in our own backyard in Colorado, which means IT’S GONNA BE ONE FOR THE BOOKS. Get ready.

We believe that God has something incredible for you at MOMcon, and we never want the price to keep you from coming. We have generous donors who allow us to offer a limited amount of scholarships for tickets. Scholarships are awarded first come, first served and priority will be given to first-time attendees and leaders starting a new MOPS group. Scholarship ticket applications are due prior to March 24, and scholarships will be awarded by March 31.

If you’d like to apply for a partial or full ticket scholarship, email us at

NURSING MOMS: We truly want this time to be a retreat for you but if you do need to bring your baby, MOPS has arranged for a private room where nursing moms can pump or nurse during posted hours of operation. The general sessions will not be available for viewing in this room due to spacing at this particular venue. Additionally, due to noise levels exceeding pediatrician recommended safety levels, infants are not allowed into the general sessions, even with headphones. Infants up to one year are permitted into the workshops. We do ask that moms with babies sit toward the back of the workshop room and be willing to exit if their child becomes distracting to the speaker and/or fellow attendees. Children older than one year and are not nursing, are not allowed at MOMcon. If you have any questions, please ask BEFORE the event so we can prepare you.