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1ST & 3RD Wednesday at 9:30-11:30am

Please reach out to us using the form below. Feel free to let us know why you're interested in trying out our group, find out what's coming up on the calendar or ask general questions. Be sure to double check your email address before submitting the form to make sure our response can get back to you! We can't wait to hear from you! You can also connect with us: Facebook @FTLMOPS Email FTLMOPS@GMAIL.COM

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    What to expect

    @FTLMOPS you will be connected with other moms within our Fort Lauderdale Community. A typical MOPS meeting includes interaction with mothers who are in the same season of life together. We have discussions as a group with speakers and video inspirations and usually we are partaking in something crafty even for those non-crafty people. Plus, there's always food and childcare! But more important, you'll get to have honest conversations with other moms who understand the joys and frustrations of motherhood.

    Who can come?

    Here at MOPS, we gather and support moms. We believe in the simple but revolutionary idea that remarkable things happen when moms come together. If you are a mom with a child birth through kindergarten, we have a place for you!

    For the kids

    The MOPPETS program is all about your child. @FTLMOPS we have a preschool-style experience your kiddos will love. Our caretakers are professional, loving and screened. If you have never left your baby before please know this is a safe environment and is only 2 hours a couple times a month! Nursing babies are welcome to stay with you in our meetings and we have some semi-private couches for you to nurse at if you would like to nurse in privacy. We know the stress of leaving your baby behind, so don't worry, our meeting room is just down the hall. It's very easy to duck out to check on your MOPPET and feel comforted they are in the best hands!