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The undersigned is authorized to sign as a legal representative on behalf of the church/organization. The undersigned authorizes that the church/organization has received and reviewed the Ministry Agreement and understands the commitments of the Ministry Agreement. The undersigned further certifies that all statements regarding the church/organization are true and complete.

If you are not the person signing this agreement, an email will be sent to the person you assign below with instructions on how to electronically sign.

An email will be sent to this person with the instructions on how to electronically sign the MOPS Ministry Agreement. Once this process is complete, new group materials will be mailed and Leaders will have access to group management tools and Leader resources. Congratulations on your NEW MOPS group! Thank you for starting this Ministry.

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The Organization Contact should be someone at your organization, preferably an employee that is responsible for the MOPS group. This is typically the Family Ministry Pastor, Women's Ministry Pastor, Children's Ministry Pastor or the Head Pastor. It should not be a mom who is going to be in the group, even if she is a Group Leader unless she also works at the organization. This is important because as moms join and graduate from your group, we need a consistent contact at the organization.

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MOPS Leaders are connected to online MOPS resources via email. Leaders need to be registered as Members and Leaders in order to access online resources and group management tools. Additional Leaders can be registered once your group is set up in our database.

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Thank you for completing the online Ministry Agreement.

If you signed the Agreement as the authorizer, you’re all set! Your group is finalized and an email will be sent with all the information you need to get started.

If you selected an authorizer other than yourself, an email containing a link to sign the Agreement will be sent to the authorizer you provided. Your group is not finalized until we have a Ministry Agreement signed by the authorizer.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please call our Service Team at 888.910.6677 or email