A Fierce Flourishing

Group Experience Kit

We admire you. It takes a certain kind of boldness to lead, and you my friend, are the boldest of them all. Even so, figuring out how to navigate this whole MOPS thing can be daunting at times. We’ve got you covered.

Our groups are organized into four segments – MOPS, Teen MOPS, Military MOPS and MOMSnext. You might not fit perfectly into any one of these.

How do we know this? Every group is unique. It takes on the flavor and culture of the space it meets in or the fearless leader who coordinates it. No two groups are the same, and we think that’s a good thing.

Think of your Group Experience Kit as your loyal sidekick, ready if you need it and really just there to help everything run smoothly. The coolest part about the kit is that it molds itself to fit the unique culture of each group – and you have the complete freedom to decide how to best use it and what each meeting will look like. We trust you. (And so do your faithful moms.) Regardless of how you run your group, we’ll provide you with everything you need to make it a total hit.

Let’s do this together.

The theme 2015-16 MOPS year is A Fierce Flourishing, and to help make the theme come alive in each and every group, we’ve put together a box of materials designed to do just that. We highlight all of these materials in this unboxing video, and we also have them listed out below.

The Goods

What do I get in the Fierce Flourishing Group Experience Kit?

  • 19 Video Stories: These are based around our three theme concepts of Celebrating Lavishly, Embracing Rest and Noticing Goodness. This year we called in some friends including Shauna Niequist, Donald Miller and Glennon Melton to share wisdom and some laughs with us.
  • 10 Complete Meeting Plans: We call them Fun, Think, Talk, Do cards. These include ideas on how to incorporate the theme into meetings, icebreakers, discussion questions and creative activity ideas.
  • A Fierce Flourishing Guidebook: A workbook to go through together with your group. Each chapter corresponds to a video segment. Use it in your group to explore what it looks like to flourish in all areas of our lives.
  • 12 Leader training video segments: Learn helpful team building techniques, practical ideas and insider MOPS info to help you lead with confidence.
  • Access to our online leader section of mops.org. You’ll find leader training, the idea center, additional teaching segments, additional meeting ideas and specific info for each leadership position.
  • A personal coach who has led a MOPS group and can answer any questions and encourage you along the way.
  • Mentor Resources: Fierce Wisdom: Mentoring so Others May Flourish, a book especially for MOPS mentors. It’s full of tips for mentoring the women in your group, devotions you can share and more info about the spiritual background of this year’s theme.
  • Kids Curriculum: (We call it MOPPETS. What can we say, we like to add the word MOPS to anything we can around here.) This is a full year’s worth of MOPPETS curriculum from BOZ. Includes 18 video lessons along with downloadable lesson plans and worksheets.
  • Access to MOPS group management system: an easy way to keep track of your group all in one place.
  • A complete Membership Welcome Kit so you can get a sneak peek at what your moms will get when they register for MOPS membership. It is pretty adorable if we do say so ourselves.
  • 25% off coupon for The MOPS Store (available May 1): We have an updated online store with new theme products. (We may have outdone ourselves this year.) So, head over there and grab a new Fierce Flourishing t-shirt, a mug to hold your morning coffee, or some fun swag for your group.
  • SURPRISES. Need we say more? This might be our favorite part of the whole kit. We are packing this year’s kit full of fun surprises to say thanks you for all you do as a leader!

Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on all the fun this year … This year’s kit is a real charmer.

Here is a sneak peek at all of the video story topics:

To give you a better idea of what these video stories look like, we want to give you one of Jared Mackey discussing healthy rhythms. Each video story has a corresponding FUN/THINK/TALK/DO Card that can be used as a complete meeting plan, if you so choose. Here’s a sample FTTD Card that can be paired with Jared’s video.

Eyes to See … Video Stories

Celebrate Lavishly – Eyes to See …

Feasting (13:40) Mandy Arioto
Boys (20:28) Stephen Mansfield
Family (MOMSnext) (14:33) Gabe and Rebecca Lyons
Marriage (24:40) Jason and Shelley Martinkus
Creativity (12:19) Kay Morrison
Words (10:44) Jackie Alvarez

Embrace Rest – Eyes to See …

Vulnerability (12:43) Donald Miller
Friendship (20:21) Shauna Niequist
Sorrow (23:14) Glennon Doyle Melton
Sexuality (20:10) Tasha Levert
Rhythms (19:05) Jared Mackey
Stress (Military) (12:37) Kelley Gray


Noticing Goodness – Eyes to See …

People (13:34) Jon Weece
The Talk (MOMSnext) (15:43) Tasha Levert
Space (13:37) Hannah Flora Villio
Raising Adults (MOMSnext) (11:08) Sherry Surratt
Adoption (20:06) Hank Fortener
Movement (31:02) Robin Long
Mile Markers (Teen) (6:23) Amy Craig