Our gatherings are simply circles of moms who meet together to embrace the journey of being a mom. There are a few different options to start a gathering, but each one shares the same purpose: to welcome every mom, invite them into lifelong friendships and talk about the things that matter most.

Here’s one thing we know: when you say yes to the small voice of God leading you to do something that feels bigger than you, beautiful things are set into motion.

Start a gathering in three simple steps:

1. Pick which format below works best for you + the moms in your city.

2. Tell us where to send your resources.

3. Extend radical invitations.


If you are a pastor or ministry leader, check out our church page.

MOPS groups have been meeting around the world for more than 40 years. There are more than 4,000 groups meeting in varying formats, times and locations. Each year, groups rally around themed resources that include videos from well-known speakers, comprehensive meeting plans and leadership training. Plus, most MOPS groups have child care.

All you’ll need: Your Group Experience Kit + two or more moms + a place to gather.
Learn more about what you get and why it works. 

Collectives are short, topic-based gatherings. Collectives typically meet once a week for six to eight weeks to work through a small-but-mighty workbook that focuses on growth and discovery within a single topic. Topics could include postpartum depression, marriage and intimacy, raising boys and girls, healthy sleep habits and others, with new topics added continually. Each mom will simply need her own workbook to work through each week.

All you’ll need: Your Facilitator workbook + two or more moms + a place to gather.

Meetups are ongoing, once-a-month gatherings centered on the shared wisdom and conversation of the moms next to you. We have learned that with a little guidance, a casual monthly Meetup can create some of the most life-giving moments; the kind that breathe life into your year. Each month, both the Facilitator and each Member will receive monthly musings – digital content to help guide the conversation and set the stage for an extraordinary Meetup experience. The best part about Meetups is that they only require that you show up. Each mom will simply need her membership for access to these resources.

Check back soon to start a Meetup!