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I'm the reason the YMCA closed in my homeCompassiontown.

OK, maybe that’s not entirely true, but it is a strange coincidence.

When I found out I'd be traveling to El Salvador with MOPS and Compassion, I was beyond excited. I've never sponsored a child through Compassion. But with the upcoming trip, I decided to do a little investigating.

Like a lot of single-income families, every dollar has to be carefully budgeted. We don't drive nice cars or have cable. Date nights consist of the dollar menu and a rented movie. I thought, This is such a neat ministry. But I don't know if I could find the money to cover the sponsorship ($38 a month). At that exact moment, I felt convicted.

How much is your gym membership?

Yep. My monthly gym membership was almost exactly the same price as the sponsorship.

But Lord, I'm supposed to take care of my body, right? I'm the mom of two little boys. My gym time is the only time I have to myself all week long.

No exaggeration, 48 hours later my gym closed. Forever. Apparently, I’m not very good at listening. But I got the message.

When I became a mom, I figured my globe-trotting days were behind me. The closest I've been to an international experience in the last four years has been watching Dora and Diego with my toddlers.

As moms, we sometimes think there’s not much we can do from our living rooms. How can we make a difference in the world when we can hardly find the time to take a shower? Nope, changing the world is for the fresh-faced, single 20-somethings. My job is to make it through to nap time.

But, from my own four walls, I’m realizing I can feed hungry children in El Salvador and teach them about a Savior who loves them. I can minister to moms in the Philippines. I can pray for children I've never met, who face struggles my children have never known.

I'm learning that God has us all here for a purpose. That purpose doesn't disappear when our children arrive. If anything, I find that God places those special little people in our lives to teach us valuable lessons. Motherhood has opened my eyes!

To learn more about Sarah’s life-changing adventures in motherhood and with Compassion, visit Sarah’s blog.
Check out Sarah's Blog

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