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Every once in a while you get inspired

Her World

Not just semi-inspired, we are talking about take-your-breath-away inspiration. The kind of inspired that compels you to do something. Like. Right. Now.

MOPS is an organization that was born from the have-to-do-something inspiration that compelled a group of friends to reach out to women and families who desperately needed hope. Hope to carry on, hope to make it through the day and hope to pass on to the next generation. Because hope is life-saving and world-changing.

Ready to change the world together? Support MOPS. Be inspired.

Change a life through giving

Give now. Give monthly. Give a scholarship. There are lots of ways to give to MOPS, and all of them will change the world.

MOPS changed me

Get out your tissues. MOPS is a movement that is changing the lives of women and their families in profound ways. Here are their stories.

Ministry Impact Report

See the numbers for how we use your generous gifts to reach more moms and families.


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MOPS International is a member of the ECFA and a 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry. The tax ID number (also known as Employee Identification Number or EIN) is 84-0925251. Contributions to MOPS International are tax deductable to the extent allowed by IRS guidelines. Consult your tax professional for advice.