We’ll be the first to admit: Nothing compares to meeting face-to-face, and digital fatigue is real. We’ve decided to make the best of this weird situation we’re in since none of us know what the next few months will look like. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with moms all around the globe to reclaim your joy, strength, and courage like never before.

Upcoming Events

11 a.m. MT - Workshop - The average child is spending seven hours a day looking at screens. What is all this screen time doing to a child's brain and emotional development? The same technology that benefits our lives can also hurt us. Join us and learn how to rein in devices in your home, so you are truly connecting with your kids, not just serving up constant amusement. You are not alone - find the support you need to parent with love and boundaries in a screen-centered world. Go to the members site to register now. Even if you can't make it live a replay will come straight to your inbox. This is FREE to Mama + and VIP members. You can upgrade today so you don't miss out on this valuable content!