We’ll be the first to admit: Nothing compares to meeting face-to-face, and digital fatigue is real. We’ve decided to make the best of this weird situation we’re in since none of us know what the next few months will look like. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with moms all around the globe to reclaim your joy, strength, and courage like never before.

Upcoming Events

Time TBD - Webinar - Hosts: Michelle Cowan, Sarah Ferraro and Sarah's Co-Coordinator. Ever had the thought – ‘I would love to start a MOPS group at my church, but…**fill in the blank with really good reason why not** Well, we’re here to talk about ‘all’ of that! Registration link to come.

11 a.m. MT - Webinar - Join Author and Speaker, Natasha Sistrunk Robinson. With highlights from the mentoring relationship between Naomi and Ruth, Natasha Sistrunk Robinson will invite you into the deeper generational blessings of mentoring. When we refuse to take this responsibility seriously, we miss opportunity to fully live and love the Titus 2 calling. You can read more about Natasha by visiting her website! Register here for access to the webinar!