We’ll be the first to admit: Nothing compares to meeting face-to-face, and digital fatigue is real. We’ve decided to make the best of this weird situation we’re in since none of us know what the next few months will look like. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with moms all around the globe to reclaim your joy, strength, and courage like never before.

Upcoming Events

11 a.m. MT - Quarterly Membership Workshop - Members! Join us for a parenting conversation with licensed marriage and family therapist, Elaine Martens Hamilton. We'll talk about those horrendous moments when we feel so overwhelmed or angry that it seems impossible to manage ourselves let alone our children. We'll explore why it's happening and help you make a plan to address it. Head to your Member Benefits page to register. Not a member? Sign up today at https://www.mops.org/get-started/trymops/.

11 a.m. MT - Webinar - Gratitude transforms our understanding of God's love and lavish blessings for us. Join us for a conversation and discover again that gratitude is a spiritual practice that starts with obedience and promises you will be inspired, encouraged and invited to continue to walk in the shadow of his love. Register HERE!

11 a.m. MT - Webinar - Join author, speaker and MOPS President Emerita, Elisa Morgan, author, speaker Carol Kuykendall, and CEO of Awana, Valerie Bell as they share wit, wisdom and whimsy while discussing the topic of holidays, traditions and faith expressed through their adventures in grand parenting. Register here!