We’ve all heard it. During the spring of 2020 more than ever. Unprecedented.

This word doesn’t roll off the tongue; it’s easy to misspell, and it has nearly as many syllables as required feet for safe social distancing. COVID-19 has proven that, up until now, all previous uses of the word “unprecedented” have been severe exaggerations. Between the stay-at-home orders, quarantine mandates, qualifications for “essential” versus “non-essential,” and face-mask requirements, no one has experienced anything quite like this before, and nothing is unscathed from its effects.

But you already know this.

What’s interesting, and inextricably linked to these unprecedented safety restrictions, is the response of different institutions around the world: governments, brands, businesses, and particularly the local church. Now, we’ve all heard the proverbial “capital-C church” described as a people, not a place. This is true. But what happens when, at a moment’s notice, church can no longer take place in a building? Click here to read more.

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