Welcome to the

MOPS Cohort Community 

For coordinators and assistant coordinators

The MOPS Cohort Community includes: 

Personal leadership support. 

Your cohort small group leader is a trained MOPS volunteer, dedicated to supporting you for the entire MOPS year. She wants to know you personally so she can help you with everything from team dynamics to troubleshooting to recruiting new leaders. She will reach out soon and should be your first call for anything MOPS related. 

Authentic community with people who get it. 

Join the MOPS Cohort Community Facebook group and your small group’s Facebook group to connect with coordinators from across the country and around the globe. 

Leadership training that will take you from good to great. 

Once a month, for one hour, you’ll gather online for a short leadership training session led by a MOPS Executive Leadership Coach. Afterward, you’ll participate in dynamic discussion with your cohort sisters and leader. 

Connect with your cohort small group today!

Anyone with an active MOPS membership, listed on their actively chartered MOPS group leadership roster as a coordinator, co-coordinator, or assistant coordinator, is invited into a cohort small group.
Your cohort small group will always meet on the same consistent day of the month, at the same time. There are a variety of days and times throughout the month to choose from. When you receive your invitation to join the Cohort Community, you will have the option to choose a small group time that works with your schedule.
Yes! There are cohort small groups specially designated for coordinators of Military, Teen and Spanish MOPS groups.
Cohort small groups, consisting of world class training with an Executive Leadership Coach and in-depth discussion with your cohort leader and fellow cohort members, are scheduled for one hour, once a month.  Cohorts run for the duration of the MOPS year, taking a break in the summer.
If you are an active MOPS member, and listed as a coordinator, co-coordinator, or assistant coordinator in a group with an active MOPS charter, your invitation should be automatically emailed to you. If you did not receive your email invitation, please contact us at service@mops.org.
Yes! If for some reason you did not join the Cohort Community at the beginning of the MOPS year, you can log into your account on leader.mops.org for an opportunity to sign up for a cohort small group at any point during the year.
Yes, you can change your small group time if your availability changes. Simply go to your account at leader.mops.org to see the available cohort small groups.
Participating in the Cohort Community is entirely optional. Should you choose not to participate in a small group, you will still receive all the MOPS leader emails, access to the MOPS leader website and online resources, webcasts, podcasts, Facebook pages, etc. But we hope you’ll give your cohort small group a try – we think you’ll love it.
An Executive Leadership Coach is a highly trained MOPS staff member with years of leadership experience.
A cohort leader is a trained MOPS Volunteer, passionate about caring for and connecting with local group coordinators. She guides discussion during your cohort small group, and facilitates relationship building between cohort members as a group.  Outside of your monthly cohort gathering, your cohort leader will be there to support you, pray for you, answer your questions, and whatever else you need. MOPS coordinators are invited to apply to become a cohort leader.