Take the next step.

MOPS Coaches are the vibrant tribe of women making an authentic difference in the lives of MOPS moms and leaders.

Our Coaches are a passionate bunch. They’re the relationship builders and the team strengtheners. The mom enthusiasts and the leader advocates. They’re the avid listeners and expert encouragers, the community cultivators and world influencers.

MOPS Coaches are difference makers.

Every MOPS Coach has one simple task in common: Showing up.

Showing up takes many forms and everyone’s experience will be unique. As a MOPS Coach you will –

  • Directly impact local groups by building relationships with group Leaders and guiding the group experience
  • Nurture Leaders by sharing training, advice, resources and prayer – playing a large role in helping Leaders grow to their full potential
  • Connect group Leaders to each other and to MOPS International – share with local groups all the exciting things happening with MOPS and cultivate friendships among fellow Leaders
  • Help MOPS develop resources for Leader events and training – after all, being on the frontline makes you most aware of Leaders’ needs
  • Grow professionally as leaders and personally as women of influence. We want nothing more than for our Coaches to thrive.

We believe you are meant to be here. We believe that sometimes, the best opportunities require a leap of faith, a step into the unknown, and a reliance on the women around you – the women who are welcoming you with open arms into the sisterhood of MOPS Coaches.

Your team is awaiting your arrival.

Connect with your local coach or a MOPS Regional Volunteer Manager to learn more, or email coach@mops.org for more information.

Hear what other Leaders are saying about their role as a MOPS Coach:

“I have seen God use me to encourage women in their mothering journey in ways I never dreamed possible. And the relationships I have developed have been life changing for me as a person.” – Jill S.

“Fostering relationship with and encouraging other moms who are with me ‘in the trenches’ is what drew me to MOPS (and coaching!) in the first place.” – Ginny C.

“I have gained an amazing group of women, friends, and sisters, who work together to make sure every mom knows she is loved and that she matters. And while that is our goal, in the process, I have become more aware of how much I am loved and what a difference I can make.” – Jennifer I.

“I am in awe of how God has chosen to use me to help other leaders grow, connect, and serve the moms in MOPS groups. God is not only using me as a Coach, but among the MOPS Volunteer Staff he has blessed me with a great sisterhood of lifelong friends who encourage me along the way.” – Sara M.


Go to https://leaders.mops.org/groupmanagement/ to connect with your personal coach.