MOPS Canada

MOPS moms belong to each other, responsible for a collective thriving as a global sisterhood of mothers already meeting in over 40 countries around the world, including five provinces in Canada.

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We’ve seen how mom friendships can tear down walls and transform the world. Will you join our global sisterhood?

Check out what these pastors have to say about their MOPS groups:

“The MOPS Program has been running in our church for roughly two years now. The story of this Ministry began several years before, when the Lord laid upon the heart of our MOPS Ministry Leader and Mentor a burden to disciple and mentor young moms in our church and community. Over several years of prayer, the MOPS Ministry was born – with other ladies coming alongside as Mentors and still others willing to serve as babysitters. From humble beginnings ‘in house’ – among the young mothers within our congregation – MOPS has exploded to include mothers from other churches in our community as well as mothers without any church background.”

Ron Rutley Pastor, Unity Baptist Church
“MOPS has given our young mothers a break from the constant care they give to others and instead gives them a chance to be cared for themselves. It’s also pretty clear that the care they’re receiving is supporting their spiritual, emotional, and relational health. On top of all this, the childcare has provided a great opportunity for church members to get to know young families, many of whom are new or just exploring church. Overall, the MOPS program helps us meet our goal to be family-friendly, evangelistically-minded, and Christ-centered.”Doug Baert Children's Ministry Pastor, Heritage Park Alliance Church

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