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July 2, 2013


Enjoy these fun water activities for mom and preschooler:

Washable Body Art 
Buy different colors of body foam soap (on the body soap aisle of the store). Put your child in her bathing suit and help her spray circles, squiggles, flowers and other shapes on her legs, arms and tummy. Rinse off in the wading pool or by running through the sprinkler. No need for a bath tonight! (Feeling really daring? Let your child draw soap pictures on you, too!)

Cool Potato
This version of hot potato works best if you, your child and some of the neighborhood children all play. Poke one small hole in a deflated balloon with a pin. Fill the balloon with water and have everyone stand in a circle. Pass the balloon around until all of the water has leaked out. Try to avoid being the last one holding the balloon when it runs out of water.

Squirty Alphabet
Fill a clean, empty plastic squeeze bottle (like a mustard or shampoo bottle) with water. Draw alphabet letters on the sidewalk with chalk, and have your child “trace” the letters by squirting water onto the chalk.

Using a squirt bottle, see who can “spray” a ping pong ball across the driveway or sidewalk first. Set up a ping pong obstacle course and try to push the ball through with only water from the squirt bottle.

Tall Drink of Water
Turn a sprinkler on low, and give your child a plastic cup. Time how long it takes for him to fill up the cup as the sprinkler goes back and forth. Can your child beat the clock the next time around?

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Some of the articles here are golden for a mother to be like myself. You have a very awesome way of looking at life. Thanks for all the great ideas! I posted some on my blog if you don't mind


Great Ideas! Its SO hot and this will be great to suggest to our moms here in MT!

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Loving the recipe section!!!