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be you, bravely

Encouraging Your Brave Collective

It was the hour before I was to launch the New York Brave Collective, and I received a text. Her curls bounce as she smiled to the camera, sending a clear message to her mother, far away. I want you to know, right now, that I am proud of you and happy about what you are doing. read more

be you, bravely

Brave Collective Conversation Guide

It can be easy to hide behind endless Pinteresting and let the conversation be an afterthought. The brave women in attendance and the conversation that is to ensure are the most important part of The Brave Collective. That's why we put together a little guide to help lead brave conversations. read more

be you, bravely

Brave Things

I had a friend call me out the other day. It was something along the line of, “So, you are asking women all over the world to be brave. How are you going to be brave this year?” Awkward silence followed. read more

be you, bravely

Brave Collective: Denver

When you host a Brave Collective you’re joining women everywhere in living into our fullest. We’ll be hosting The Brave Collective in Denver, NYC, Nashville and LA. Follow along on the blog, YouTube channel and Pinterest as we highlight women around the country joining the movement into bravery. read more

be you, bravely

Brave Collective Host Guide

Hosting a Brave Collective requires 4 basic steps - a table, friends, commitments to choose brave pursuits, and a little food. We also put together Pinterest boards, downloadables and have personal help to add to inspire bravery. read more

be you, bravely

The Brave Collective

The Brave Collective is a shared meal around a table of women committed to choosing one brave thing and to caring for one another while pursuing it. read more

be you, bravely

Thriving in Winter

This January with all the pressure to become “better,” I hope you’ll step back with us at Hello, Darling and focus instead on building up friendships in your life. Friendships breathe life into our world and help us become in ways that are much more poignant than resolutions. read more

be you, bravely

Courage to be ... Video Stories

With a small video crew, we took to the road to capture the stories of 24 people who are living courageously. The courage of each looks different – because courage comes in every shape, size and flavor – but each story inspires us to dig within and take that next step we’re being called toward read more

be you, bravely

Why I Hosted The Brave Collective

In the Fall 2014 issue of Hello, Darling we introduced The Brave Collective with the belief when we share our courage with others - it multiplies. A good friend of ours, Dalley Galuzzi, explains in her own words why she accepted our request for her to host the first Brave Collective in Denver. read more

be you, bravely

The Courage Keys

"You seem alive right now. It's like I'm seeing the real you." Those words sunk deep. I'd had one of those moments that made my soul come alive, like the moment was created just for me. read more

be you, bravely

Becoming a Part of the Mom Community

What does it mean to Belong? We are those chosen to raise the next generation of the world. Moms from every corner of the world, moms with every imaginable back-story, moms making every mothering choices. Together, we are the ones raising the world. read more

be you, bravely

An Open Letter to Women Who Want More Courage

At MOPS this year, we’re daring to reach into our reserves of courage to live into our truest. We’re living into the belief what the world needs is for us to live our truest story. read more

be you, bravely

Be you, Bravely

It seems we spend all of our time doing two things- living and waiting to live. What we seem to have in common is that we need a nudge. A nudge to get us out of our ruts and routines so that we can be reminded to risk bravely. read more