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Happy Mother’s Day 2014

by Jackie Alvarez & Liz Sagaser


May 11, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day 2014

Look at that pretty picture above and pick a dessert. Go ahead and just gaze for a minute – you deserve a little eye candy. (It’s Mother’s Day after all!) I’ll help you out by telling you what they all are. From left to right we have a Cheesecake with Honey, Lavender and Figs, a Molten Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream, an assorted variety of Macaroons, Nutella and Fruit Dessert Tacos and a Cronut. Do you want to read through those desserts again slowly? Because that’s allowed. I’ll wait. (It’s Mother’s Day, you do what you want today!) 


Ok, ok, Darling. Take a break from all the staring and pick one. Any one. 

(That was cruel, wasn’t it? I told you to look through them all and then suddenly, I tell you that you can have only one. I apologize. And to make it up to you, I’ve included recipes to all these desserts below. You’re welcome for that.) 

Did you pick? Read the descriptions below to determine what kind of delicious mom you are based on your dessert choice. 

We know you have lots of other things to do today, but we wanted to say…

Hello, Darling. Happy Mother’s Day. 


Cheesecake with Honey, Lavender and Fresh Figs

You are a natural at motherhood, embracing attachment parenting and feeding your family “the good stuff” like eggs from the chickens out back, organic vegetables and free-range-grass-fed-bison (unless you are a vegetarian). Your children were born at home – that is certainly where you intend to educate them. In your backyard you’ll find cloth diapers on the clothesline and a tidy garden bed layered with compost from your kitchen. What you may not find at your house is a television – garbage in, garbage out. Your family puts on backyard plays for entertainment. 

The recipe 

Here’s a recipe for Salted Honey & Fig Cheesecake next time you get a craving.


Molten Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

You love your family and bystanders can feel the warmth of your devotion just by being near you. Relationships are of the utmost importance to you, and you make every effort to be present in the moment. Dinner time is a big deal because of the meaningful conversation, not what you serve for the meal. The simplest things make your heart sing – like playing at the park, cuddling up on the couch for a movie and popcorn, and rolling up your jeans to play in a stream with your kids. 

The Recipe

The Pioneer Woman never leaves us hanging when it comes to recipes. Here’s hers for Molten Chocolate Cake.



You are driven to succeed and great at the balancing act that comes from being both a mom and career woman. Somehow you manage to send that last email at the office and still make it to the PTA meeting. Carpool? Organized. Field Trip? The form was in a week ago and little Johnny is wearing the appropriate matching class t-shirt for zoo day.  When you get home you slip off your heels and cook the meal you planned last week – a delicious model of the food pyramid that would make Martha proud. And tomorrow, you’ll be ready to tackle it all again in style. 

The Recipe

Next time you get a hankering for these, instead of headed to that bakery you love, you could make some yourself. Take photos if you do and post them everywhere. You deserve credit for making your own Macarons.


Nutella and Fruit Dessert Tacos

You are one of the most Pinteresting moms on the block. The cupcakes on your counter are almost as delicious to see as they are to eat, and you baked them from scratch because “it was Tuesday.” Your house and your very being are comforting, sweet and filled with wholesome goodness. Your party planning is such a hit you’ve launched an Etsy shop! All of the details of your life, from meal planning to junior’s annual check-ups, are lovingly organized in charming binders on a shelf in the kitchen.

The Recipe

It’s a dessert that your kids will love right alongside of you. Go ahead and whip up some Nutella & Fruit Dessert Tacos.



You are a modern mama who prides herself on not only being the first to know about a trend – you are often the one to set them. You prove that you can be a mom and still be hip and trendy – adorably dressed toddlers are the ultimate accessory! When neighbors spot you at the community garden they smile and say, “Can you believe she’s got three kids? You won’t see her in mom jeans.” You are passionate about your family but also your community, and you actively participate in making the world a better place by volunteering and participating in causes you care about. 

The Recipe

That’s right, you can make this New York City born delicacy right out of your own home. Here’s a recipe for Cronuts.


Besides getting compared to a dessert, what did you get for Mother’s Day? 

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