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Fall Bunting Banner

by Ashley Butler


October 16, 2013

Fall Bunting Banner

Burlap + bunting = true love for me. At least for me. Probably you, too.

I love having natural looking items in my house. And I love bunting. so combining two of my favorite things only sounds, well, natural! I've seen so many different bunting versions - pennant, fabric, paper - none have ever let me down! When I decided to do burlap banner, I was a little intimidated and wasn't even sure if it would be very cute. But, these crafty hands did not let me down!

In the end, I made a Fall bunting banner that I can leave out all season. I went ahead and made one that says, "ho, ho, ho" for the Christmas season. What can I say, they just make me smile. Below is the tutorial for these easy burlap banners! Enjoy!

What you need:

  • Burlap
  • Jute string or something similar
  • Hot glue
  • Paint and brushes
  • Stencil or printed letters

Cut your triangles, then lay them down and put the string towards the top of the triangle. (Or get really crafty and make use a shape besides a triangle! diy Burlap Bunting Banner via The Pinning MamaFold over the top and hot glue. Then trim that little excess burlap piece on the side diy Burlap Bunting Banner via The Pinning Mama Once you have everything cut and glued, choose your font and size. I went with the traditional "Times New Roman." Trial and error getting the font and size correct is Burlap Bunting Banner via The Pinning MamaCut out the letter and trace. Don't feel stuck using a fabric pen, you'll be painting over it in the end anyway,

diy Burlap Bunting Banner via The Pinning Mama Once everything is traced, choose your paint and glitter and get ready for a little bit of messy. Let dry and hang it somewhere for all to see! diy Burlap Bunting Banner via The Pinning Mama

Ashley is one of the two girls behind The Pinning Mama. Blogging has become her creative outlet where she can share her creativity, thoughts and “pin tests.” Make sure that you follow them on Pinterest and Facebook to hear about their newest crafts, recipes and exclusives free printables; come over and play!

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