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Siren Song: 6 Simple Ways to Seduce Your Husband with Modern-Day “Bed-iquette”

by Jami Kirkbride


August 24, 2014

6 Simple Ways to Seduce Your Husband with Modern-day Bed-iquette

Security officials conversed loudly across the rows of people. We were holding up the security line at the airport.

“Well, is it considered safe?”

“It’s liquid, not 3 oz. Why do you need so much?”

All eyes were on us as several security officials handed the product back and forth. Unbeknownst to me, while we experienced a flight delay and wandered the aisles of Target to waste time, my husband purchased a personal product. Without thinking, he tucked it in his carry-on. I guess he wanted to make sure we were well-prepared for four days away together.

“We’re excited for a few days away from the kids,” my husband chuckled, hoping that a little humor would help. They still confiscated the box, but nothing diminished our experience or the laughs we’ve shared since.

Men and women think about sex differently. It may feel like a mystery how to awaken the desires (or opportunities) when there are so many distractions in our lives. While we may entertain the idea of seducing our husband, we may also feel intimidated by how media portrays seduction. Here are six simple ways to seduce your husband.

Kiss Your Troubles Goodbye

We all feel burdened by the troubles of our day. The problem is when we take these issues to the bedroom, it hampers passion and true connection. How about kissing your troubles good-bye at the bedroom door, either figuratively or literally. When you enter into your haven, imagine a refreshing start with just you and your love. 

Kiss and Make Up

Sometimes when we find the time to connect, we are thinking about the unresolved issues in our relationship. Men sometimes have an easier time putting these thoughts aside, while women tend to stew over relational resolution. Neither approach is better than the other, but stewing impacts the passion you could experience. It can be quite a turn-on to your husband to have you put aside his wrongs and care more about making it right than being right. Don’t worry … you can take up matters at a different time. You might even be amazed to find your husband more willing to compromise or listen when he remembers how you put it all aside earlier to seduce him. True passion can surprisingly cover a multitude of sins.

Kiss Off Technology

We are inundated with technology these days. Whether our phone, tablet, computer, television or some other device, we can put more energy into connecting with others via technology than those in our presence. I’ve been guilty myself of hiding my iPhone under the pillow in case I can’t sleep. But how much greater a surprise is the 3 a.m. rendezvous instead of more tech time!? I cannot begin to tell you what smiles it brings when you initiate the unpredictable, because you made the presence of your love a priority over technology.

Kiss and Tell

We carry messages from early in life about what is okay to do and discuss and what is not. While well-meaning and appropriate outside of marriage, they are vastly different from what awakens passion in marriage. Husbands replay the events of our encounters. Such discussion can unfold on a quiet plane as you taxi. Don’t ask me how I know! It is exciting to your husband to share in the remembering. Let them tell you what they enjoyed, follow with your highlights, and don’t be afraid to laugh and relive.

Kiss, Kiss and Kiss Again

Remember when you felt madly in love and all you could express that with was a kiss? Awaken those passions again. It’s too easy to forget to kiss! We may kiss when we part, kiss when we meet up again, kiss good night, but do you take time to kiss and communicate the depth of your love? Experiment with just where those kisses feel the best! You might laugh to find the earlobe can be a sensitive and easy way to seduce your spouse. 

Kiss Comes With Risk

Most of all, be willing to take some risks in seducing your husband. It may feel outside your comfort zone, and that’s okay. You may experience some heroic successes and epic fails, but the most important thing is growing together in a deeper love, INCLUDING those embarrassing moments, passionate moments and every moment between.

Side-bar Idea:

Seducing your husband is more than an under-cover activity. It can start early in the day with hopes of what’s to come. It can happen spontaneously or with great preparation. And it just might happen when you open yourself to discussions you’ve never attempted before. Here are a few  questions  to pave the way for exciting passion and new perspectives on your love life. 

  • What does your husband truly find sexy…is it skimpy underwear, revealing lingerie, an oversized sports t-shirt or something different all together?
  • What is his favorite place to kiss your body? What is your favorite place to be kissed?
  • Does he enjoy lingering encounters or does he prefer the quick and easy? What about you?
  • In what ways do you secretly let the other know you have ideas for an encounter?
  • Do you have any silly fantasies of things you’d like to try together in the bedroom?
  • If you were feeling bold and adventurous, where would you like to make love?
  • If you could construct a perfect night of passion, what would it look like?


Immersed in the activities of six kids, teen to tiny, Jami Kirkbride finds great joy in using her experience as a professional counselor as she speaks to MOPS groups and ladies groups. She is co-author of The You Zoo and a contributing author to several compilation books and articles that allow her to share her humorous and humbling adventures.

Which of the six steps do you find the hardest when seducing your husband?

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Kiss and Make Up can be tough for me... If I am frustrated with my husband or disappointed about something he did wrong or didn't do at all, it's tough to get in the mood or set it aside. That said, I agree that when I am able to let it go - at least temporarily - I'm more likely to find simple resolution because my husband will feel that his needs have been met.


That's so funny! That same thing happened to us on our way to our honeymoon destination!


I'm sure you will be talking about it forever! Too funny.


Great post!


Great post! Evil airport security! ;)


Can you imagine? I remember getting a lot of scrutiny over a plastic cup of Gerber applesauce while travelling with baby - dunno what I'd do if the scrutiny was on my bedroom accoutrements!