Comeback Tour 2021 Dates:
February 17: Do Your Work – Parenting
March 10: Be Strong – The Lies We Believe
and the Truth We Can Trust Instead
April 7: Theme Reveal
May 5: The Finale

Consider this a cross between MOMcon and your favorite MOPS meeting. Whether your group can meet in-person or not – we’re creating some incredible opportunities for you, comin’ in hot on Facebook Live, YouTube Live and other platforms starting again February 17th. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates.


We didn’t forget about the kiddos! Comeback Tour Kids will supply endless fun for your kiddos so you can kick back, drink a hot coffee and soak in all the goodness the Comeback Tour has to offer. Each week we will supply your kids with parent approved, engaging entertainment leaving them begging for more MOPS’ Comeback Tours. See below for details on how to register for the selected entertainment for each Comeback Tour date.


While The Comeback Tour is completely free and perfectly fine to watch alone, we are firm believers in making connection a priority. If your MOPS group is still able to meet in person, that’s great news! However, if your MOPS group isn’t meeting or you’re not part of a group, here are some other options for gathering:

In Person

If all are comfortable and it is within your community’s safety guidelines, gather a small group of friends at a home, backyard or park twice per month. You can watch each event together, or you can watch it separately and plan another time to meet. Make sure you’re registered for MOPS membership to receive The Comeback Tour digital workbook, monthly content bundles and the quarterly MOPS Magazine subscription.

Mama Meetups™

We are thrilled to offer a new way of gathering this fall! For anyone who isn’t part of a group or whose group isn’t meeting in person, Mama Meetups™ are online communities of 8-12 moms who gather twice per month to discuss the latest live event and connect for some much needed girl time. You will have the option to sign up for a group that fits your schedule and needs, OR you can gather up your own group (such as your MOPS table) and be placed in Mama Meetups™ together.

You’ll need a MOPS membership to be part of Mama Meetups™. Members will receive The Comeback Tour digital workbook, monthly content bundles and the quarterly MOPS Magazine subscription.

We’ll be the first to admit: Nothing compares to meeting face-to-face. And digital fatigue is real. We’ve decided to make the best of this weird situation we’re in since none of us know what the next few months will look like. This fall, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with moms all around the globe to reclaim your joy, strength and courage like never before. We’re calling it a comeback!