Advertising Opportunities

Moms have influence. Not only are they raising the next generation but they are also making most of the household purchases, telling their friends about their favorite products and influencing which brands their kids will one day become consumers of.

MOPS knows moms and we have cultivated a community that boasts hundreds of thousands of highly-engaged and loyal moms from across the United States who trust us and listen to what we have to say.

We’d love to introduce you to them.

Our Two Audiences

MOPS has two primary audiences, who can help maximize brand exposure and impact. We suggest crafting a campaign
that reaches each of our MOPS audiences.


1 +

Suggested messaging style: inspirational, story based, affirmation using pictures and stories.

Direct Advertising Opportunities: MOPS Twice-a-Month Email and MOPS Facebook


1 +

Suggested messaging style: action calling/challenge, growth, impact using pictures and stories

Direct Advertising Opportunities: MOPS Twice-a-Month Email and MOPS Facebook

Customized Packages

We specialize in creating custom packages that maximize your investment and get the most engagement from our audience.

Just as moms take careful consideration into the products they bring into their homes, MOPS takes careful consideration into the way we position your product or company for our audience. We form successful partnerships with the foremost goal of connecting you to our audience in the most efficient and creative way, which also ensures you get the best return.

Big or small, we have a place for you. Let us know how we can best expand your reach. New product offerings are always being developed and we are open to hearing your ideas

A sample of who we’ve worked with:



Harvest House Publishers


Mabel’s Labels




Sony Pictures Studios

Tyndale House Publishers

Let’s Work Together

You want to grow your business and we want to help. Together we can create a hugely successful campaign that achieves your goals and maximizes your investment.

Contact us today.