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MOMcon 2015 Workshops

Express Yourself!

Amena Brown
Using writing prompts, music, and open mic techniques, Amena will facilitate a writing/sharing session and discuss how to nurture your inspiration and creativity.

Just Say So 

Annie Downs
Sometimes all we need is a reminder. That we are seen. That we are known. That we matter to the other humans in our lives (and not just the little ones that we feed and clothe). And we can give that gift to each other by simply saying it. There is power in your words  in person, over the phone, in a text, in a letter, or online. Together we'll explore a lot of simple ways to celebrate other people with our words, even on the busiest days. And the power of those words, simply stated, will make a greater impact than you'll ever know.

Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World 

Arlene Pellicane
Do you wonder if your child is getting too much screen time?  Younger and younger, kids are being introduced to a world of constant digital entertainment through TV, video games, and mobile devices.  In this workshop, you’ll learn how to establish simple boundaries, win screen time battles, and raise emotionally healthy kids using five A+ skills.  Get ready to use technology for good in your home – starting with you first.  

Celebrate the Season! 

Carol McLeod
This season of the little years will never come again so let the celebration begin! It is futile to plant flowers when you should be shoveling snow. Don’t rake leaves when you should be handing out popsicles!  This season of wiping noses, changing diapers and doing voluminous loads of laundry will quickly evaporate into sweet memories so celebrate this season with gusto!

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode 

Crystal Paine
Life doesn’t have to be one big chaotic mess of laundry, dishes, and to-do lists! This session is packed with empowering practical encouragement and ideas that harried and hurried women can implement to restore peace, purpose, and passion into their lives.

Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys

David Thomas
Understand and explore the hearts, minds and ways of boys and the vital role we play as parents along his journey to manhood. We will look at the different stages of his development and define what he needs from us in each of those stages. Come enjoy some fresh insight into the young men in our lives!

Intentional Families: Fostering a “Family Culture” 

De Yarrison
This workshop is for moms who want to shift their parenting balance from reactive to intentional with strategies to help "change the script" when talking to family and self during stressful situations. Learn how to re-calibrate your inner compass to have less "mommy guilt" and more peace of mind while fostering greater positivity and affirmation to live a joyful life with your loved ones. 

Evangelism and the MOPS Strategy 

Ed Ollie 
MOPS is not a program, it is a strategy to reach churched and unchurched moms. In the midst of so many great things that happen in the life of a church, how can I get my Pastor to see why MOPS is important? If this is your question, this breakout is for you! Through dynamic stories and practical advice, Ed will show you how to transform your group, reinforce its vision and multiply both followers and the curious.

Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World

Emily P. Freeman
Do you move through your days breathless and bustling, just trying to keep up while
longing to slow down? Emily Freeman is a mom of multiples who knows the allure
of hustle and the discouragement that comes when it seems like the world is moving
on without you. Come listen as Emily shares how she's learning to celebrate
smallness rather than despise it, to offer laughter instead of shame, and to be led by
love rather than pushed around by fear. Let her cast a hopeful vision for your tired

Now Is The Time!

Gail Dudley
Awake! Awake! This is the clarion call of God! This call is a call that is clear, urgent, loud ... A call for believers to act without hesitation or delay. God is calling us to get into an anointed relationship with Him by grace to be presented with His power and glory! No longer can we wait to establish an intimate relationship with God. He is the very foundation of all we have and hope to accomplish. It is when we go to God with our heart and come away with His can we begin to propel our way forward. We will cover three steps to establishing this fierce relationship with God: 1) Discover; 2) Express; and 3) Live. 

Discipline That Connects 

Jim & Lynne Jackson
Ever get stuck in a frustrating discipline rut? And you wonder what your kids are really learning from it all? Lynne & Jim Jackson, parent educators, authors and founders of Connected Families, will help you learn a new ‘lens’ for bringing grace and truth to life in the midst of family challenges. Discipline that Connects™ is a profound approach to discipline that has empowered thousands of parents with rich insights and practical tools. Great stories and fun skits make these ideas easy to remember when the pressure is on. Get out of the rut and get into your child’s heart!

The Jesus-Hearted Woman: Your Journey to Influence

Jodi Detrick 
It’s happening everywhere. Women—including ordinary moms in all kinds of settings and circumstances—are looking for ways to grow and use the God-given leadership gifts they know are in them, with or without an official title or position. Many of us inhale the freest air women have ever breathed on the history of this planet and we want to make every lung-full count. What would it look like, and what does it take, to lead with Jesus-heartedness in our broken-hearted world? Come and see, but just be ready … a Jesus-heart inside means a God-adventure ahead!!  

Love & Money: Equipping Moms with the Tools for a Happier and Healthier Family

John Busacker
Are you aware that the number one conflict in marriage is around money? Celebrate rather than avoid differences with tools that engage your spouse or partner in lighthearted and conflict-free conversations around money. This session will help empower leaders to make a difference in the lives of their groups. Weaving together lively, personal stories with practical discussion questions and tools, author and speaker John Busacker will guide you through an inspiring experience of how to lead a fun and productive conversation around money with your spouse or partner.  

Only What Matters: The Life-Giving Pursuit of Clutterfree Living

Joshua Becker
Ever feel like your life has become stressful and cluttered? Most of us do. This is because our society has fed us the lie that happiness is found in pursuing more. Subtly, we begin to pursue bigger houses, larger closets, and more things for ourselves and our families. But we all know our lives are too valuable to waste chasing material possessions. Intentionally deciding to own less may be one of the most life-giving decisions you’ll ever make. Come discover a new approach to home and life—one that just happens to align with the invitation of Jesus.

Making Time for Making Love

Juli Slattery
When young moms start sharing honestly, the topic of sex inevitably comes up. How do you make time for it? How do you find the energy? How can you feel sexy when when you have puke and breast milk stains on every outfit? Can't the whole idea of sex just be put on the back burner... at least until the kids are in college? As a mom of 3 boys and wife of 20 years, Juli Slattery has asked these questions. In this session, Juli will talk about why sex is an important priority in marriage and what often sabotages intimacy. She will give practical advice on how to build passion even through the busy stages of raising young children.

Serving the Millennial Mom

Kneeland Brown
Research continues to reveal changes taking place in the moms of today and the culture in which they are raising their preschoolers. This session will attempt to look at what research is teaching us about moms today and how we may be able to best serve them as they enter our MOPS communities. 

When Your Anger Scares You: 10 Things to Do Differently *Before* You Lose Your Temper

Lisa-Jo Baker
Sometimes you don’t realize you have a temper until you have kids. There’s no rage like the exhausted rage of motherhood. These are the things they don’t talk about in the parenting books, or play groups, or coffee dates. How you will one day lose your ever-loving mind because two boys walked across every surface in your house wearing mud-covered boots. These are the ragged fringes of motherhood that don’t make for pretty pictures. Let’s talk about that thing that no one talks about in motherhood – let’s talk about anger, what the Bible says about it, what other mothers have to say, and what we can do about it.

Healthy Conflict Management

Liz Selzer 
Has your leadership team or MOPS group become difficult to handle due to relationship conflicts? Are you finding subtle resistance or even passive aggressive behavior is slowing the effectiveness of your ministry? Conflict is a natural result of people working together, however, when we allow it to fester or handle it in an unhealthy manner, our ability to be effective declines. Leaders who want to impact the world for Christ realize they cannot ignore unhealthy conflict, and the best leaders learn how to promote healthy conflict as a springboard for creativity and growth.  Find out how in this workshop.  

Celebrating Authentic Mom Relationships 

Mandy Arioto
Let’s celebrate the complexity and necessity of friendship. Mandy will share stories of friendship in her own life and provide practical ideas on how to cultivate deep relationships with the women in your life. 

Unsqueezed: The Truth About Identity  

Margot Starbuck
A cutie new lime polka-dot sweater from Target, fabulous shimmery highlights, and lash-lengthening mascara. (Can that even be a thing?!) Retailers have promised us that if we buy what they’re selling we’ll at last feel good about our appearances. But we don’t. And though American Christian women know that God has crafted our bodies and called them good, we remain chronically dissatisfied with our bodies. Margot Starbuck believes that we were made for so much more. Together we’ll uncover some of the wily lies that keep us stuck and leave with tools to live differently.

Spirituality: Experience, Grace, and Hope

Shannon Smith
Shannon presents a guide for how to turn around the fear and brokenness found in the pockets of every person’s heart into purpose, hope, and grace. With her sense of humor, heartfelt message of self-discipline and dedication to serving Jesus Christ in all affairs, she shares a message of hope and CELEBRATION.  You'll be encouraged to accept what you are powerful over and powerless to, trust in Jesus to fulfill His purpose in your life, and realize how the vision you’ve been given can be actualized through a sacred relationship with Him.  John 17:21 says, “I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one--as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. Shannon is the prod mother of 2 boys.  

Happily Back in Ever After​ 

Shaunti Feldhahn
Learn the surprising little habits and practices that can dramatically improve a struggling marriage and the secrets that can keep a great marriage delightful. Renowned social researcher Shaunti Feldhahn spent years interviewing and surveying happily married couples to find out what was common to these couples – what were they doing that was making them so happy, that they might not even realize mattered? She identified a host of surprising, eye opening factors, and thankfully this isn’t rocket science. Come learn the little things that have a big impact -- habits anyone can do (regardless of whether their spouse does the same) that can put the “Happily” back in Ever After. 

Girl Talk: Straight Talk About Sex & Intimacy

Sheila Gregoire
Can "hot" and "holy" actually co-exist? In this fun seminar we'll learn how God created sex to be both fun AND intimate--but we'll also talk about all the roadblocks we women experience on the way to bedroom bliss. From a culture that tells us that sex is only physical and that you need to be a size 2 to enjoy it, to baggage from past relationships and the ravages of porn and erotica, a great sex life often seems a pipe dream. But we'll get practical on how to overcome these roadblocks and take your marriage from boring to blazing--the way that God always intended!

Thriving as a Leader in a Thirsty World

Sherry Surratt
Dishes, laundry, kids, your husband (maybe even your mother in law!). There’s ALWAYS someone or something that demands your time. How do you make sure your dry and thirsty soul gets watered and YOU thrive in the midst of all the chaos? Join Sherry as she shares the raw truth about how she thrives as a leader and learn from others as they share what works for them. Come prepared to share some strategies of your own!

Raising Girls

Sissy Goff
Every young girl longs for you to delight in her. Every elementary aged girl is trying to make friends and figure out how she fits in to the complex and sometimes painful world of peers. Every 7th grade girl is narcissistic, to some degree. Every 11th grade girl is desperate to find herself as separate from you, yet still stay connected. And every girl, of every age, is looking to you to help them discover who they are and who they are becoming. In this seminar, we break down a girl's development. We look at what's normal and what's not in each stage of her growing up. We'll talk about who she is and what she needs specifically from you. Girls define themselves against a backdrop of relationship. They need us, as adults who love them, to help them understand who they are and how they can navigate the world around them. They need us to help them find the strength and confidence necessary to grow into the young women they are uniquely designed to be. This seminar will help you do just that. 

MOMSnext Intensive

Join us Thursday for a MOMSnext intensive workshop – three hours of learning geared directly to leaders who currently serve in a MOMSnext group. Join other MOMSnext leaders from around the world for this extended time of learning, networking and encouragement as we discuss the unique needs of your MOMSNext group. This workshop offers expert teaching on topics specific to leading a MOMSnext group, networking time to gather others’ best ideas, conversation about what moms with school-age kids need, ending with a time of prayer for each other and the moms we serve. You must register for this intensive workshop.

Teen MOPS Intensive

We’ve heard your requests for extended time for Teen MOPS leaders to connect at MOMcon. It’s about time, right? This year, we are making that possible with a Teen MOPS Intensive on Thursday afternoon! Though many of the struggles and joys of mothering young kids are universal, a mother who is a teenager herself has distinct needs. That is why Teen MOPS exists – to uniquely reach out to teenage moms with the community and hope MOPS offers. Join other Teen MOPS leaders from around the country for an extended time of learning, encouragement and inspiration as we discuss what it means to minister to teen mothers of preschoolers. Tricia Goyer, experienced Teen MOPS leader and author of newly released Teen Mom: You’re Stronger Than You Think, will be joining us. This intensive will include expert teaching on topics specific to leading a Teen MOPS group, networking time to gather others’ best practice ideas and prayer for one another as we reach out to the youngest moms with the good news. Make sure to register for this Thursday afternoon intensive.


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