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MOMcon 2014 Workshops

Publishing Panel

Presented by representatives from some of our favorite publishing houses as well as published authors.
Are you a writer who dreams of publishing a book? This is the workshop for you! Gather with fellow writers and wannabe writers to hear from published authors and the publishers themselves. You’ll learn insider info on how publishing works as well as tips and tricks on how to stand out in the world of publishing. Published authors will join us on the panel to share tips for the process: from writing material worthy of publishing to submitting work for publication.  *Limited Seating – you must be registered for MOMcon to reserve your spot. Email the following information: Name, Email, Phone, “Yes I am registered for MOMcon” to:
We have the following publishing houses CONFIRMED:
Author Terri Weeks
Baker Publishing 
Moody Publishing 
Tyndale House Publishers 
Zondervan Publishing

Raising Girls: What Our Daughters Need to Hear

Alex Kuykendall
From Bratz dolls to hormones, raising girls in today’s world presents distinct challenges. Join mother of four daughters, Alexandra Kuykendall, in examining a mother’s unique role in shaping her daughter’s identity. Learn the messages your daughter needs to hear from you during this formative stage, so she is better prepared to face the tween years and beyond with confidence in who God says she is.

Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys

David Thomas
Understand and explore the hearts, minds and ways of boys and the vital role we play as parents along his journey to manhood. We will look at the different stages of his development and define what he needs from us in each of those stages. Come enjoy some fresh insight into the young men in our lives!

Deborah  Tillman
Is anyone hungry for the truth? Parenting is not an easy job but it is one of the most important things you can do. There is a "menu" that is designed to help parents raise children in excellence. This workshop will explore a series of God inspired "meals" that will provide you with inspiration, direction and most importantly, Hope.

Rest and the Rhythms of Life

Deidra Riggs
Rest is part of the rhythm of life. God knew we are the ones who’d need it. Sometimes, life seems to conspire against us, and we scramble for moments of quiet, with our backs against the bathroom door, wishing we could close our eyes for just ten minutes. Instinctively, we know God meant rest for our good, but it eludes us. Rest is a critical element of self care — one we can’t delegate. Let’s find it, together.

A Million Little Ways to Live Art

Emily P. Freeman
Does your influence feel limp rather than alive? Do you feel like a job-doer with an image to maintain rather than an image-bearer with a job to do? Maybe it’s time to uncover the shape of your soul, to turn down the voice of your inner critic, and move into the world with the courage to be who you most deeply are. Let’s poke awake your own God-given design so that you can show up fully alive, right where you are.

Letting Go of Your Try-Hard Life

Emily P. Freeman
You know you’re saved by grace, but sometimes that doesn’t easily translate into everyday life. Instead, you’ve learned to work hard to make life work, to try managing the opinion of others, and to control every outcome of your efforts. No wonder you feel anxious all the time. Come listen as author Emily P. Freeman shares her personal struggle with letting go of the try-hard life and offers a timely reminder of the scandalous love of God.

Reinvent Yourself

Gayle Pottle
What would it look like to reinvent yourself? Join Gayle Pottle, as she shares her personal journey to authenticity with heartfelt, humorous insights. This workshop will unpack how we view success and control and how these beliefs impact our self-image. If it’s time to take back your life, join Gayle in this engaging workshop and come experience your own Brave Makeover!

Jesus and Prozac: Fighting Depression in Motherhood

Gillian Marchenko
1 in 5 women struggle with depression at some point in their lives. In this workshop, Gillian Marchenko offers practical tips and spiritual encouragement for moms who fight depression, and for MOPS leaders who minister to them. Whether post-partum, post-adoption, seasonal mood disorder or all out mom burnout, Gillian’s workshop will offer an ‘insider’s perspective,’ having battled depression throughout her mothering years, and will ask you to help shine a light on the darkness that exists in the lives of many women.

From "Us & Them" to "We" -- The Special Needs Mom at MOPS

Gillian Marchenko
With humor and real-life experience as a mom to kids with disabilities, former MOPS Coordinator Gillian Marchenko hopes to bridge the gap between special needs moms and everyone else. Gillian will challenge your steering team to spearhead change in your group from "us and them" to "we." MOPS leaders will walk away with fresh ideas and helpful tips on how to support moms on this special journey. Don’t miss this workshop.

Motherhood With a Purpose

Helen Lee
Are you feeling drained by the constant and never-ending demands of motherhood? Do you experience weariness due to the challenges of raising successful kids in today’s busy, stressed culture? Then come to this workshop so that you will be refreshed, challenged and inspired to think differently about your motherhood journey. Helen Lee, author of The Missional Mom, will help you embrace a new vision of parenting that will give you a sense of purpose and free you from the cultural traps that bind you and your families. You’ll be surprised to discover what truly great motherhood is really about!

Restless: Cause You Were Made For More

Jennie Allen
Using the story of Joseph, Jennie explains how his suffering, gifts, story, and relationships fit into the greater story of God – and how our stories can do the same. By laying out the unique threads of our lives that feel random, potentially even tangling us up, we can dream about eternal purposes for seemingly mundane moments. We can uncover and understand the raw materials God has given each of us to use for His glory and purpose while on this planet.

Fan the Flame: Igniting Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

Jennifer Degler
Want a sex life that sizzles? This fast-paced, fun seminar will have you laughing non-stop as you learn how to maximize your body's responsiveness, make peace with your hormones, emotionally connect with your husband, and cultivate a healthy, biblically-based view of sex.

Is Your Life Working for You?

Jennifer Degler
In this fun, interactive workshop, you'll learn how to create a meaningful, balanced life that works well by measuring your life satisfaction and balance in 8 key areas, identifying your excuses for not saying "no," and discovering how to say "no" with grace and confidence. If your plate is too full, this workshop is for you!

Following Jesus with Beautiful Feet

Jessica Fick
Romans 10:15 says “how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news” when it comes to sharing the gospel. Yet most of us feel like sharing Jesus is intimidating - we worry about saying the wrong thing, being rejected by our friends or representing Jesus poorly. Yet Jesus sends us out in community and it’s in community that we are able to share him boldly and lovingly. In this seminar evangelist and author Jessica Fick will help you to see all the ways God has created you and commissioned you to use your beautiful feet to share the good news of the gospel.

Cleaning House: Ridding Your Home of Youth Entitlement

Kay Wills Wyma
With the greatest of intentions and in the name of love, parents hover, race in to save, arrange for success, overprotect, and enable their children. Take one frustrated mom add some overly messy rooms, a few well-placed whines and five unintentionally enabled kids and welcome to one family’s adventure to stop entitlement. Because kids can do more than they (or we) think they can. Join Kay Wyma, mother, carpool driver extraordinaire, blogger and author as she discusses Cleaning House, a Mom’s Twelve-Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement. Kay has been featured on the TODAY show, CNN, Fox & Friends, The New York Times, Focus on the Family, and more.

Lead Bravely

Kelli Jordan
Leadership takes courage! Courage to invest in others, try new things, be honest about our strengths and weaknesses, and act on what matters to us. Let’s discuss the things we don’t feel so courageous about and celebrate what God has prepared, called and equipped us to do.

Balance through Boundaries

Kelli Jordan
Balance – we all want it. It’s hard to find and easy to lose. We know when we have it. We know when we don’t. In our roles as mother, leader, church member, wife, employee we can lose our balance – sometimes because of what others do, sometimes because of our own choices. If we consider some God-directed boundaries, we can achieve and maintain balance. Let’s evaluate our perspective, expectations, and use of time and consider some sensible, practical, freeing boundaries.

When Your Anger Scares You: Some Suggestions for Defusing

Lisa-Jo Baker
Sometimes you don’t realize you have a temper till you have kids. There’s no rage like the exhausted rage of motherhood. These aren’t the things they talk about in the parenting books, or play groups, or coffee dates. How you will one day lose your ever-loving mind because two boys walked across every surface in your house wearing mud-covered boots. These are the ragged fringes of motherhood that don’t make for pretty pictures. Let’s talk about that thing that no one talks about in motherhood – let’s talk about anger, what the Bible says about it, what other mothers have to say and what we can do about it.

The Courage to be Significant

Lisa-Jo Baker
If there’s one thing that can defeat a mother it’s the monotony. Get up, feed the baby, wash the laundry, change the diapers, do the dishes, make the car pool run, wrestle the math homework, bake the cookies, change the sheets x 365 days in a row. It’s hard to see the significance when we’re so weighed down by the mundane. Enter the God who names every part of who we are and what we do significant. Because “he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” Come and join us as we find new answers to that dreaded question, “So what did you do today?”

The ABC’s of an Amazing Marriage

Peter & Heather Larson
The things that make a marriage amazing are no mystery. Unfortunately, popular culture is full of misleading messages and half-truths that confuse the picture. Dr. Peter Larson and his wife Heather will distill several insightful truths and techniques that foster a vibrant and lasting love. Learn important self-care strategies and daily practices that will allow you to bring your best to your marriage. Get the male and female perspective on what makes a marriage amazing!

The Fabulous Family: Five Foundational Truths on Raising Great Kids

Stephanie Morris
This workshop will give you practical insights into creating the real family environment you want to come home to It's not a program - it's a lifestyle shift delivering outstanding results. The Fabulous Family collects the great parenting moments we can all learn from and adapt in our own families. It's a strategy for your family, your marriage, and for child-rearing.

First Time Orientation

Kendall Parkhurst & Janella Thaxton
Convention is a multi-dimensional experience and you’ll want to pay attention to your body, mind and soul in order to make the most of your time. We’ll look at a lay of the land and give you MOPS' top 10 tips to make the best of your time at MOMcon!

MOPS Essentials

Get practical ideas and strategies for supporting your group with an emphasis on the heart of why we reach moms. This interactive workshop is for new leaders, leaders in a new position or those wanting to take a fresh look at their MOPS group.

Mentoring Matters

Janis Kugler
Mentors! What does your life depend upon? Come be renewed and refreshed as we plunge together into some answers and practical ideas that will encourage the moms we mentor, and inspire each other.

Connecting to the Heart of Today’s Mom

Mandy Arioto

Description coming!

Battling Fear in Parenting

Angie Smith

Description coming!

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