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MOMcon 2016 Workshops

“And every day, the world will drag you by the hand, yelling, “This is important! And this is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!” And each day, it’s up to you to yank your hand back, put it on your heart and say, “No. This is what’s important.”    
                                                                                                                                             - Iain Thomas

Seize wonder, hope and kindness and pick the topics that are most important to you!

MOPS Specific Trainings

  • MOPS Leaders Lab: personalized training for every leader – NEW!  Starts Thursday at 1pm. Featuring  Jenni Catron.
  • MOPS Leaders Lab: personalized networking for every leader
  • Coach and Group Care Specialist Connection Coffees
  • MOPS Basics – Q & A Central
  • Specialty Group Offering – Part 1 and 2 (Military, Teen and MOMSnext)
  • Walk with Me - Meeting the Needs of Moms with Children who have special needs. Featuring Amy Julia Becker
  • Global Outreach and You

Loving My Actual Life

Alexandra Kuykendall
Is it possible to love the life that is happening NOW? In the midst of the imperfect, sleep deprived, even disappointing details? From motherhood to marriage to life in general, there is a tension between how we think things should be and the reality of what actually is. We can wait for the next big change to happen to be happy or we can make intentional tweaks to our ordinary routines to more fully appreciate this one God-gifted life. Alexandra Kuykendall tackles common barriers to loving our actual lives and shows how small changes can be made today to relish what is right in front of us. This one life is made of small moments and decisions. We don’t want to miss today because we’re wishing for tomorrow.


Alisha Gordon
When fear becomes your closest partner and confidant, what do you do? One of the biggest fears moms have is that they aren't good enough. Or capable enough. Or able enough. We often try to fight this fear alone, pulling on our "super woman" strength to get through it, but we often find ourselves burned out and exhausted instead. What happens when we begin to lean in to the community and world around us as a support when fear have overtaken our hearts? This process is not about an eradication of fear -- that's impossible. This is about, however, learning to fear-less. Using the example of the widow woman in 1 Kings 4, women will learn practical ways to lean into community that allows us to tackle this world fearlessly! When fear is chasing us down and we don't know where to turn, there is a community of people who are ready and willing to support us in our time of need -- and often times, they are from the most unexpected places! 

From Different Books to the Same Page 

Cherie Lowe 
Ever struggle with unity in your marriage when it comes to finances? Join Cherie Lowe, author of the blog the Queen of Free and book Slaying the Debt Dragon: How One Family Conquered Their Money Monster and Found an Inspired Happily Ever After  as she lets you in on a bit of what it looked like to pay off $127K in debt – and remain happily married. As Cherie and her husband moved from being in different books (or maybe even different planets) to sharing a common vision and passion, they were able to eliminate an incredible amount of debt. Don’t miss this fun workshop, filled with insight, humor, and maybe just a few coupon tips.

Reproducing Leaders – Expanding Your Influence  

Ed Ollie and Poly Rouse
This session will strengthen your ability to identify, develop and reproduce MOPS leaders by building a shared leadership culture.

How Mothering Can Shape Your Faith (Even when there’s no such thing as “Quiet Time”) 

Carol Kuykendall
When we become moms, finding time to connect with God is hard. We feel guilty, like we’ve stopped growing. But when we allow God to meet us in new and unexpected ways, we find he’s still at work, growing and shaping our faith through the wonder and challenges of being a mom. This interactive workshop will give greater purpose to your days as you recognize there’s more than one way to live out your faith. You’ll return home with a newfound freedom and some practical fresh ideas to continue your spiritual growth, even with kids wrapped around your legs.

The Ripple Effect of Sex: How Great Sex Can Transform the Way We Love, Lead and Live 

Francie Winslow
What if there is more to sex than our culture, or even the church has told us?  What if God is so good that He designed a healthy sex life to be a transformation generator? There is a level of oneness that God intended for a husband and wife to enjoy through sex that not only brings pleasure and creates a family, but also becomes an impact multiplier in the ways we parent, serve, work and live. With scriptural truths, personal stories of her own healing, and practical tools that are custom designed with tired moms in mind, Francie will share how this revolutionary vision for sex can be made real in your marriage (even if it’s messy at first). This workshop will help you identify ways that God wants to strengthen and prosper your view of yourself, your husband and sex, so that as you grow in wholeness, you will see the ripple effect of unity in marriage flowing to your children, your church and your community. 

Jesus and Prozac: Fighting Depression in Motherhood  

Gillian Marchenko 
One in 5 women struggle with depression at some point in their lives. In this workshop, Gillian Marchenko offers practical tips and spiritual encouragement for moms who fight depression, and for MOPS leaders who minister to them. Whether post-partum, post-adoption, seasonal mood disorder or all out mom burnout, Gillian’s workshop will offer an ‘insider’s perspective,’ having battled depression throughout her mothering years, and will ask you to help shine a light on the darkness that exists in the lives of many women.  

Survive and Thrive: A Journey to Finding Perspective and Identity as a Mother 

Gina Harris
In today’s society moms can often feel as if they need to “do it all” – stay at home with their kids, yet also work; plan daily creative activities; volunteer at the kids’ schools and activities; manage the household, and more.  Rather than learning to balance life, Gina will share how to prioritize life.  Prioritizing begins with building a foundation of perspective and identity. Gina will share her powerful story of loss and her difficult journey through multiple occurrences of pregnancy and infant loss, causing her to question if she really was a mom. Even in finding healing in some of the most tragic circumstances, the day-to-day pressures of being a mom can sometimes be just as paralyzing in a different way. She will teach practical principles to be applied in your daily life to not only Survive, but also Thrive as a Mom!

Clutter Free 

Kathi Lipp 
Do you tell yourself, “I just need to get organized!” but every attempt you make is left in heaps of clutter within days (or hours)? What is your clutter costing you? Space? Time? Energy? Money? If you’re like most women, the answer is probably all of the above. But there is hope. In this presentation, reformed clutterer Kathi Lipp talks about the reasons that are lurking behind all your stuff, and doable steps so you can actually conquer your clutter, once and for all.

Intersectionality: Mom to Mom 

Alisha Gordon
This workshop explores the intersections of being a mom (the day-to-day practices and experiences) and the process of mothering (the kind of intentional care we offer to those who are in need). This intersection of being both mom and mother also teaches us how to enter into different spaces to find commonality with moms of different races, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds. No matter what your background is, every woman knows that being a mom and actually mothering are two, distinctive yet important roles/gifts. One is action driven, the other is heart driven.

Insisting on Hope: Receiving the Gift of Your Child with Special Needs 

Amy Julia Becker 
It’s happening everywhere. Women—including ordinary moms in all kinds of settings and circumstances—are looking for ways to grow and use the God-given leadership gifts they know are in them, with or without an official title or position. Many of us inhale the freest air women have ever breathed on the history of this planet and we want to make every lung-full count. What would it look like, and what does it take, to lead with Jesus-heartedness in our broken-hearted world? Come and see, but just be ready … a Jesus-heart inside means a God-adventure ahead!!  

Let Your Light Shine

Courtney DeFeo
Courtney DeFeo believes our families can light up this world. She’s experienced it. In the busyness of daily life, can God use anyone to shine His light? How do we determine our next steps? Our calling? How do we practically shine a light in our communities? How do we keep the focus on God’s glory vs. shining a light on ourselves? Courtney using inspiring stories and fun illustrations to bring Matthew 5:16 to the heart of intentional parents.  

Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys 

David Thomas
Understand and explore the hearts, minds and ways of boys and the vital role we play along his journey to manhood.  We will look at the different stages of his development and define what he needs from us in each of those stages.  This class is packed full of practical suggestions for how to parent, teach and discipline more in tandem with the way he is designed rather than in opposition to it. Come enjoy some fresh insight and much-needed encouragement on the road to raising boys. 

Everyday GRACE in parenting 

Jeannie Cunnion
Discover the very practical and daily ways that GRACE- the unconditional love of God- can be woven into how we establish our authority, require obedience, train and discipline our children. Rather than rely on our temporary techniques for shaping our child’s outward behavior, we can confidently rely on God’s grace to melt and mold their hearts. Join Jeannie for the essentials tools we need to reflect the heart of Christ in how we lead and love our kids in the everyday moments of parenting.

Curiosity, Creativity, and Wonder in Leadership

Kelli Jordan
Maintaining a sense of curiosity, creativity and wonder in leadership starts with a willingness to step beyond the usual, venture outside the known and discover the things that make us say, “Wow!” Are you willing to let go of what you think you know and ask “What if?”  Now is the time to explore, imagine, marvel and lead. 

Unpacking Starry Eyed

Mandy Arioto
Mandy will share stories and offer insight into this year’s MOPS theme. Join her in looking at what it means to become Starry Eyed and how that plays out in our individual lives as well as the life of our MOPS group. 

Raising Girls 

Sissy Goff
Every young girl longs for you to delight in her. Every elementary aged girl is trying to make friends and figure out how she fits in to the complex and sometimes painful world of peers. Every 7th grade girl is narcissistic, to some degree. And every girl, of every age, is looking to you to help them discover who they are and who they are becoming. We’ll break down a girl's development.  We look at what's normal and what's not in each stage of her growing up. We'll talk about who she is and what she needs specifically from you. Girls define themselves against a backdrop of relationship. They need us, as adults who love them, to help them understand who they are and how they can navigate the world around them

The Mom Guilt Cure: Live Free 

Susan Seay 
Do you ever find yourself feeling guilty for not doing enough and feeling overwhelmed with all you’re doing at the same time? Being a mom is stressful. Between the never ending to-do lists and keeping up with your family's busy schedule, it's no wonder that you feel overwhelmed. But here's the good news, there's a cure. Come discover a few simple tools that you can use to break free from guilt and worry.


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