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We Speak Mom Language Part 1

we love

July 16, 2014

When we became moms, we learned an entirely new language full of colorful words. It's another Mommy Super Power. When those outside the mom club try to guess the meaning of mom words, it gets fun.

What is an episiotomy? 

What does a bumbo do? 

Where would you find meconium? 



What are other things that only moms understand?

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Funny!! Even my husband had a good laugh! I agree with posters below!


I'm glad you enjoyed the video and that your hubby could get a good laugh too!


Sticking with babies and birth, what about colostrum, effacement, Apgar score... I bet I could think of some more. I bet the Apgar score would be a good one!


Those are great ideas! If we do this again those would be funny things to ask about. Thanks!


Yeah, those are great ideas! It wouldn't be difficult to come up with more either! You should also tell each interviewee what the real definition to those words is and record their reactions. That would make it twice as funny! :)


Those videos are hilarious. Thanks for posting them. I wonder what the responses would have been if you'd asked about a breast pump. If you'd like to avoid those "related videos" at the end, you can just add ?rel=0 -or- &rel=0 directly to the URL within the embed code. God Bless!


I'm glad you enjoyed the videos! Thanks for the tip!