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The Fridge Door, November 26, 2013

The Fridge Door, November 26, 2013


Forgiving Myself
Clair Boone, mom of two

Forgiving Myself

There’s a voice in my head that sometimes whispers, sometimes booms loudly. It tells me I’ll never amount to anything, and that I’m failing as a mom. 

I’m familiar, and even good at, forgiving others. Turning off that voice inside my head and forgiving myself is more difficult.  Like a loud gong, the voice pounds unmercifully and whispers that I’m not good enough. 

It’s allowing my children more time in front of the TV on a rainy day, or forgetting something they needed, or giving in to a piece of candy right before bed.  Whatever the voice, I’m sure you know how it feels. 

Sometimes I find myself in the comparison trap, and the voice gets a little louder as I consider the “better than me” mothers around me. You know the ones. You’re fairly convinced they wake up by 4 a.m., milk a cow, make cinnamon rolls from scratch for breakfast and still manage to keep up with the laundry.

The only problem with the voice in my head is this: It doesn’t know I’m forgiven. It missed the part where a gracious and loving Father came and called you … and me … by name.  

When we demand perfection from ourselves we ignore God’s grace – a grace that says you are enough, I forgive you, now forgive yourself.

He forgave me and he forgave you and to live requiring ourselves to be supermom on a daily basis is impossible. That little voice takes a lot of the joy out of motherhood, but you can learn to turn it off and embrace grace.

God chose you – specifically – to be your child’s mom. That little voice takes a lot of the joy out of motherhood, but you can learn to turn it off and embrace grace. You are right where you belong, and you are part of God’s amazing plan for your child. Give yourself some grace!


Clair Boone is a Slow Cookin Queen who loves trying out easy crock pot recipes for her family that Moms short on time and money will love. Find her and her weekly Slow Cooker Mondays recipes on her blog, Mummy Deals:

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Change the world? Yeah, right!
Esther Feng, mom of two

“I’ll be living in China for a year to minister to college students.” 

My friend’s announcement thrilled me. But I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. And stuck! 

She would have 365 days of discovering a new country, building new relationships and just plain making a difference. Me? I had a two year old and a baby on the way. Going around the world was a little, um... Unrealistic. The amount of hand sanitizer I’d have to bring would alone put me over my suitcase’s weight limit. 

Doesn’t it often feel like that when you have little ones? You want to be make a difference, change the world. But you can’t. You have boogery noses to wipe and diaper rash cream to dole out. Older moms tell you, “It’s a season. Your day will come.” 

But what about right now? Surely we can make an impact even in our breast-feeding, laundry-filled days! Yes, you can! Here are a few tried-and-true ways to change the world, right where you are: 

Sponsor a Child. It’s financially very do-able and you can involve your kids. They’ll love learning about your sponsor child, writing letters and sending care packages. 

Facebook to Change the World.  Facebook, Twitter and your blog can be used for much more than sharing your kids’ adorable photos. You can use social media to engage your network of friends to support fantastic causes and organizations (like MOPS!) 

Learn and Pray. Is there an issue that just makes you mad? Human trafficking. Orphans. AIDS. Moms struggling with depression. Use this season of life to learn more and pray more. It may seem small and simple, but prayer really does work! 

Talk About It. Talk about the issues that weigh heavy on your heart. You never know how your passion will inspire someone else to do something or give generously. 

Connect. Pray. Talk. It’s stuff you do every day – just leverage it to change the world! (No hand sanitizer or suitcases necessary.)  

Passionate about reaching more moms through MOPS? You can engage your social media network to raise $30,000 of membership scholarships for moms to attend MOPS! It’s easy ... Check it out at


BOZ BUZZ for December: Celebrate Christmas
By Dr. Mary Manz Simon

BOZ Treehouse Time

The December theme for BOZ Treehouse Time! is celebrate Christmas. Although the birth of Jesus can be buried under tinsel, there are so many opportunities to remind your child of the real meaning of the holiday that you can turn “let’s find Christmas” into a game. 

Does your child spot a treetop star? Hear the word “Bethlehem” in a song played over the loudspeaker at the mall? See a manger scene on your neighbor’s lawn? These symbols of the season highlight a basic fact: We couldn’t celebrate Christmas without Jesus. 

And yet as moms we struggle for more. We want to craft a perfect Christmas for our family. But we need to be realistic. If your 4-year-old wakes up with a fever on Dec. 24, your child will be cranky. If you’re up half the night putting together a bike, you’ll be cranky. Most moms’ table centerpieces aren’t Pinterest-worthy (if they have centerpieces at all!), and family pictures rarely turn out as perfectly as those retouched ones on Facebook. 

So instead of stressing yourself to the point of exhaustion, fill holes in the holiday with fun solutions: 

  • Don’t have a stable for your manger figures? Let your child decorate a shoebox. Cut a hole for the cave entry (some historians believe the stable could have been a cave) and turn the box upside-down. You’ve just created a “perfect” Bethlehem setting. 
  • Need a countdown calendar? Invite your child to put a sticker on your fridge calendar before breakfast every morning. Now you have a quick, visual answer to the never-ending December refrain, “How many days until Christmas?” 
  • Want a creative holiday dessert? At a dollar store, buy a manger set with individual figures. Then let your child arrange (and re-arrange!) the figures on a frosted cake. Guests will affirm your child’s artistic talent. 

So turn off those “perfect Christmas” tapes when they start to play in your head. God already delivered a perfect Christmas. His gift frees you up to enjoy the holiday! Merry Christmas.


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