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Thinking about starting a MOPS group?

We believe that you are the perfect person for the job. Plus, we love to help.

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Videos you will definitely want to watch

  • Welcome to Leadership
  • Thriving as a Leader
  • What Every Leader Needs
  • Help me figure out...!
  • What do I do when...?
  • Theme and group planning ideas
  • Using the theme book in your group

Complete plans to help you run this thing

  • 18 Complete Meeting Ideas with Fun, Think, Talk, Do cards
  • MOPS Annual Content DVDs with lessons from well known speakers and authors

Get your group out there

  • Download all kinds of flyer templates, logos and more to promote your group in your area!
  • We will automatically add your group to our MOPS Group Search page. Seriously, this will bring all kinds of moms to your group!

Stuff to teach the MOPPETS

  • Boz videos and curriculum for your MOPPETS program
  • Customized coloring pages to go along with each lesson

Doing things online makes them easy, right?

  • MOPS Leader resources at (your leaders will get access!)
  • Custom Group Management resources
  • Access to our idea center with thousands of tested ideas for crafts and theme ideas
  • Downloadable templates
  • Downloadable handbooks and practical tips for every leadership team position
  • Downloadable meeting agendas
  • Leadership retreat ideas

Because books are still cool

  • One free copy of the annual theme book
  • One free copy of the annual devotional book

Some sweet membership benefits

  • A sample "Welcome Package" so you can see exactly what your moms will receive when they register with MOPS International
  • Quarterly Hello, Darling magazine mailed directly to your members

Other assorted things to make your life easier

  • Quarterly Connections Magazine specifically for leaders
  • Regional training Events
  • One-on-one sessions with a mentor Coach who will provide answers and encouragement

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