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Membership 2014

So what’s the deal with MOPS membership?

Good question. We become citizens of the world the day we become a mom. You and me and the mom at the park and the mom in Jakarta, India, we have been placed in this time and space to raise the world together. Our purpose is the same even when our day to day experiences are different.

MOPS membership is a way to participate in a movement that is helping women around the world to become leaders in their community, to feel more equipped as moms and to bring us all together to support one another.

In addition to this, MOPS exists for you. Being a mom is beautiful and hard and we get that sometimes you just need a safe space to breath. A place to get some encouragement that what you are doing matters. MOPS membership provides resources and some fun goodies that remind you that you are important and we are all in this together.

MOPS 2014-2015 membership is only $24.95.

For. Real. A total steal right? Here’s what is included in MOPS membership –

A welcome kit with:

  • A Be you, Bravely Guidebook
  • A Courage Key (action oriented jewelry to wear and pass on, check out for more information on the concept, a $40 value)
  • 3 Notecards with Be You, Bravely logo
  • A Be you, Bravely Print
  • Free music downloads from JJ Heller and Martha’s Trouble

Annual subscription to Hello, Darling magazine
Access to Let’s Talk, Darling webinars
Free download of MOPS Date Night app
Exclusive discount offers
Weekly inspiring emails 

Have Mentors in your group? We have a membership especially for them!

Mentor membership is $26.95. In addition to everything mentioned above, they’ll receive Mentor Bravely: The gift of presence, a guidebook full of wit and wisdom. Written by women who have been there, done that. It’s packed with sage advice, helpful tips and real-life advice.

Love a discount? Who doesn’t, really.

Here are a few ways to score some free memberships for your group.
Spring: Register 10 moms, get 1 FREE. 
Summer and fall: Register 20 moms, get 1 free.
Go to for all the details.

Wondering how to register moms for membership?

Ok, this is an easy one.

If you are super visual and want to watch a video tutorial:
Check out the handy dandy videos at They will surely answer any questions about registering the moms in your group for membership

Or, if you are the kind of person who just wants to jump in and get started:
Go to and login. If you don’t have a password or have forgotten it, all you need to do is request one right on that page.

A few tips that might make your life easier:

  • Download and print copies of the membership registration form that you can find at This will help you collect all the important info you will need from each mom.
  • Once you login to Group Management, you can register one mom or your whole group at once. Whatever is easiest for you. 
  • After moms are registered they will receive a membership kit, they’ll also start receiving Hello, Darling magazine and you will be able to access their info to print name tags or create discussion groups and MOPPETS rosters.

How do I share with the moms in my group about membership?

Show it off. Grab the membership kit you received with your annual group experience materials, embrace your inner Vanna White and share about all of the great resources that moms will receive with membership. In addition to that, we always get a little teary when we share that membership makes it possible for our fellow sisters to meet together around the world. MOPS is helping women who live in poverty to learn trades so that they can feed their families, it is wooing women toward faith which means that families are coming to know Jesus, and MOPS is reminding women everywhere that they have the courage written into their hearts to be the best moms possible.

By the way, we think it is pretty cool that MOPS is a non-profit organization that is run by moms, for moms. Mom’s are pretty awesome.

P.S. We have more resources to help you talk to the moms in your group about membership. You can get more info at