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Spark Leaders Live


What do Mother Teresa,

Maria von Trapp,

Michele Obama

and YOU have in common?

We are all moms, and a major commonality across the mom spectrum is that moms have the biggest hearts of anyone we know. The mountain tops of mom joy are sky high – and the lows? The gut wrenching emotions we experience personally and in empathy for those we love are some tough times, because moms take it to heart in a big way when family, friends at MOPS or neighbors experience loss, conflict, illness, job challenges and other difficulties.

As MOPS Leaders, we are in a unique position to see into the darkness and messy moments of moms in our groups. And there is So. Much. Promise. in the privilege of peering into that darkness. Together, we can embrace these messy moments in our stories, and we can lean in. We can help one another and press into the next season – which is sometimes the hardest part of all.

We invite you to SPARK Leaders Live - an event designed to teach you the how-to of supporting a friend or family experiencing tragedy, and to learn to apply hope and healing in the midst of the mess when life, and our expectations of it, are anything but a match.

Learn how best to support a pregnant mom stuck on bed rest, or a mom with a seriously ill child. Discover how to defray conflicts – even the ugly ones. Prepare yourself to deal with future challenges in your own life – to lean into Jesus and rely on God’s promises – even when his plans and purpose for you don’t match your wish list. God has such beautiful plans for our redemption, and every moment of our future. Developing the life skills to shout his grace from the rooftops – we got that covered. And we’re saving you a seat.

Let's dig in together at SPARK Leaders Live – where you'll develop your life and leadership skills, learn how to support a friend or family experiencing tragedy and how best to offer hope and healing in the midst of the mess.

featuring Jerry Sittser 
author of A Grace Disguised and A Grace Revealed

and Sherry Surratt
MOPS CEO & President, and author of Just Lead

plus special music by Danny Oertli

We are bringing this event to you!

 Spring and Summer of 2014, your local MOPS Coach will host a Spark Leaders' Live event near you.  Contact your Coach for the details about the event nearest you. 

Your Coach is: 

MOPS Service


Brightpeak Financial is the trusted sponsor for Spark Leaders Live, providing MOPS leaders and moms with tools to help prepare for life's unexpected events.  Head to to download your Courage Guide, a FREE resource created specifically for MOPS moms to help you goude your moms and hare ways to prepare and protect your families.