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This is the Leaders' section of - 

where we think leaders are superheros. 

Leader Access Denied

You have reached this page because you tried to access the leader section of but you are not currently registered as a Leader. If you are a current leader of your MOPS group, contact your Coordinator and ask her to add you to the Leadership Team roster so you can have access to all the great things we have for Leaders!

Thinking about becoming a leader?

Perhaps you've found yourself on this page because you are thinking of becoming a leader. Maybe you are feeling that tug in your soul that is telling you to share your gifts with the world. We believe that there is tremendous power in saying yes to your gifts. 

Let's chat.

Let's pretend we're sitting across a table from each other with grande vanilla lattes in our hands and we'll share with you about the  awesome training MOPS provides to help women realize their potential as leaders.

Starting with the basics.

MOPS leaders start groups and lead groups. In order to do this well, they rely on us to provide them with everything they need to lead with confidence. We have a MOPS Idea Center where we share thousands of creative ideas to help plan meetings. Additionally, we provide marketing tools, video training, support from our MOPS Coaches, and the most awesome annual conference that brings MOPS leaders together for inspiration. To jump into ledership, talk to the Coordinator of your group and ask how to get involved. 

MOPS believes that every woman is a leader.

And the first step is the scariest.

So take the risk and join the movement.

Change your world.


Start a Group

Thinking of starting a MOPS group? We like you already and we haven't even met. Let us fill you in on all the details of how to get things rolling. 

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Be a part of the movement. There are all sorts of ways you can join in the fun.