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Laundry Made Easy{er}

by Rachel


April 18, 2014


Hello, Darling...

Rachel scoured Pinterest to bring us the best of the best laundry tips. We can't make the laundry disappear but these tips just might make laundry easy{er}. Happy laundering!

Wash your washing machine:
3 cups distilled white vinegar, run on hot without any laundry.

Sort your laundry:
Check out our Pinterest Board Housework Made Easy{er} for a plethora of permentant sorting solution ideas.

Un-stink stinky towels:
Here's a link to the three different methods of removing that mildew smell from your towels.

Use a Cheat Sheet:
Here's a link to the laundry cheat sheet we found on Pinterest!

One-size fits all stain remover:
1 part Dawn liquid dish soap + 1 part hydrogen peroxide


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My kids have so many clothes that some had never even been worn before they outgrew them :(. I wash what they need (always socks, underwear) and leave the rest in their hampers until their drawers are mostly empty (unless it has a stain, then I wash it right away). Their clothes are small, so its really just a couple extra loads, and folding time is a good excuse for me to catch up on a favorite show or watch a movie


Jennifer....what a great idea. Especially to get them to wear all there clothes. Thanks for sharing