MOPS Annual Membership

What’s the deal with MOPS Membership?

Becoming a MOPS Member allows you to participate in a movement that is helping women all around the world become not only great moms but also leaders in their communities. When moms are well equipped they can support and encourage one another.

Being a mom might be the hardest job you’ll ever have but we bet that it’s the best one too! Sometimes you just need a safe space to breathe, get much needed encouragement and share some yummy snacks. MOPS Membership provides resources (and lots of fun goodies) that remind you that we are all in this together.

MOPS 2016-2017 Membership is only $24.95.

You heard us right! What. A. Steal.
Here’s what is included in MOPS Membership:

A Membership Kit 
that includes:

  • Becoming Starry Eyed: Practices to Cultivate Wonder, Hope and Kindness Guidebook
  • An adorable print to beautify any space you choose
  • A handmade (yes, handmade!) copper bracelet
  • An invitation to the 28-Day Challenge
  • A Guide to the Night Sky
  • And, of course, some surprises that you’ll absolutely fall in love with!

Annual subscription to Hello, Dearest magazine
Exclusive discount offering
Weekly emails to fill you with inspiration

Are you a MOPS group Leader looking for info on how to register Members? Click Here.