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We Speak Mom Language Part 2

we love

July 17, 2014

We took to the streets to ask people if they knew the meaning of common mom-words. You know, that wide array of colorful words women learn when they become moms (it’s a super mommy power.) We posted the first set of videos here, but wanted to share the rest for your enjoyment.

Where is lanolin used?

What would you do with a boppy?

How would you use a bulb suction?

Are there other mom-words you think people wouldn’t understand? (If we get enough on a list, we’ll go back out on the streets.)

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Please keep making these! These are hilarious- we are planning to use them to start off each mops meeting, as we have a hard time getting moms to stop chatting and quiet down. These grab everyone's attention and make them laugh and then we can drive right in to our MOPS meeting. :)


What is a VBAC? What is a C-Section? When would you have these? I especially loved the men's answers. Hysterical.


These remind me of when Leno would take to the street to ask people what I always thought were obvious questions. Classic! I agree it would be nice to see the reaction of the people when they find out the correct answers. Here ard others to consider: "How do you treat engorgement?"; "Why would someone take Bradley classes?"; "What is La Leche League?"


Those are great ones also! It would be funny to see how they react to the real answer! Thanks!


You should ask them what they do with Boudreaux's (omit butt paste)!


That would be funny! Thanks!


these are hilarious! I love the bulb suction! and I love seeing the clip of the moms in each one telling the right answer. super cute! I missed the first ones- I have got to go back and find those!!!


Thanks, Adrianne! Glad you enjoyed them.


These are great! I wanted to watch the first ones, but the link to the first set of videos isn't working.


Woopsies! Sorry about that - we'd updated the URL and didn't update the hyperlink. It's all set to go! Enjoy!