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Lipstick on a New Mom

After three days of caring for a new human on almost no sleep and with zero experience, my confidence was gone. I smiled weakly back at the stranger. If the lipstick wasn’t right for me, I was too tired to care. read more


How to Name a Baby

There's so much that goes into a name - the words people will call our children for the rest of their lives. How about the name you were given by your parents, have you thought about that? read more


An Open Letter to Myself

So I wrote a little letter to myself—not the me of today, but the me of three years ago, the me who was very suddenly aware of Down syndrome but who hadn’t really figured out what that meant. read more



I don’t like feeling out of control. But the truth is, no matter how much I plan ahead, sometimes motherhood is hard. No amount of planning ahead can prevent toddler meltdowns and messy houses. read more


In the Company of Baby

At four months old, my daily companion only chats in a language I don't understand. “Ah-goo, brrrr phlechhhh” translates to some brilliant narrative in baby speak, I’m sure, but to a monolingual mom, it’s just cute nonsense. read more