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6 Steps to Finding Your Colors

Color matters. Everywhere we look we see in color, and whether we are hanging out or going out on a coveted date night, the right colors make us pop. But how do you know what colors to pair with your skin tone? Here are six steps to finding your perfect colors. read more


3 Simple Style Rules for Wearing Stripes

I'd love to share with you a few tricks to wearing stripes! Stripes are one of my very favorite things, and they are on trend this season. I have plenty of favorite things but wearing stripes always ranks pretty high up there style-wise. read more


10 Tricks to Taming the Tummy

My second child was born on November 13, and I’ve been very aware of my tummy this time around. It has taken much longer to shrink after baby number two! Because tummy taming is an issue for so many women, below are some tips on how to tame that tummy. read more


How to Pick Leggings

When you find the right pair of leggings, they can be your best friend. Leggings are a very versatile piece. Today I’m showing you three ways to pair leggings with what you have in your closet! read more


5 Steps to Discover Your Personal Style

Dressing can feel daunting at times. If you are staring into your closet and thinking you have nothing to wear, check out these five steps to help you discover your personal style. read more