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5 Mothering Should I's

When motherhood arrived on my doorstep I wanted to do things the “right” way. I had some preconceived ideas about what that meant. And as I adopted them, I found the assumptions I held about what was best were often just plain wrong. read more


The Day I Named What I Wanted

I didn’t have to do much introspection to know the deeper layer to my hesitation in the matter: I’ve always been afraid to say what I want in fear I might get rejected. I may know my desires, but as soon as I verbalize them to someone else, there’s the chance of public failure and embarrassmen read more


How My Friends Helped Me Survive A Family Crisis

Jen opened her front door and held out her hands, reaching for the baby in mine. No words exchanged, but a friend who anticipated my needs before I could articulate them, ready to give my arms a break from holding my squirming baby girl. read more


What I Want My Daughters to Know About Girlfriends

I have a wish list of sorts for my four daughters. The things I want for them as they walk through life. And right at the top of that list is girlfriends. The kind that make you laugh until you fall out of your chair. The kind you can trust to keep a confidence. read more


5 Tactics to Minimize Money Stress Over the Holidays

As an expert avoider myself, I have found facing the source of anxiety head-on is always the best approach in the long run. So figure out where your worry is centered and make a plan. Here are few tactics that can help move your holiday spirit from one of tension to relaxation. read more