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How to Make Italian Sodas


July 3, 2014


Hello, Darling...
Rachel here to walk you through making your new favorite summer beverage!


  • Your favorite Torani syrup
  • Club soda
  • Cream – half and half
  • Ice
  • Fun straws {practically speaking these are optional, but who wants to be practical!}

Start by filling your glass with ice. Then add one-quarter part syrup. Pour on the club soda. Add a splash of cream, stir and taste. If it’s too sweet for your taste, add a bit more cream or use less syrup next time. Not sweet enough, bring on the sugary-flavored goodness. More syrup please.

 Wishing you a sweet and delicious summer. Enjoy!

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You can also save some $$ by making your own syrup. equal parts sugar and hot water, then add a flavor. (like pure vanilla) I did this last week with my soda stream and it worked great!


Oh, that is such a great idea... and you avoid all those icky fake colors! Love this idea.


Sara, I buy my syrup at World Market, but you can also purchase it on Amazon!


I looooooove Amazon. :)


Looks super yummy! My favorite flavor is blackberry!


Blackberry?! How have I not thought of this flavor sooner?!


where do you find Torani syrup?


You can find it at Cost Plus, sometimes target or on Amazon :)


The fun straws make it extra special! I also love adding a splash of cream to strawberry or orange soda over ice as a quick "cheat" on the recipe.

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We did this for our MOPS group a couple times last year! It was a big hit!

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