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Homemade Caramel Dipping Sauce

by Angela Gast


November 3, 2013

Homemade Caramel Dipping Sauce

Enjoy it with ice cream, cheese cake, coffee or make caramel coated apples.

Since the fall season is upon us, I thought this was a great little secret to share. So, if you're in the mood to make some homemade caramel, here's how:


14oz can of sweetened condensed milk

Caramel Sauce

1. Place entire can of sweetened condensed milk in your Crock-Pot.
2. Fill your Crock-Pot up with water until the can is compeltely covered.
3. Cook on low for 6 hours or overnight.
4. Open the can and voilà! It's now delicious caramel!

Caramel-coated Apples

Wash apples then puncture them through the top with sticks of your choice. Aren't the natural sticks in the photo above cute and fun for a fall or Halloween-themed party? (Just make sure the sticks are nice and sturdy and you may need to sharpen the ends to a point with a knife). While caramel sauce is still warm, dip the apples in and completely coat them. Roll in nuts if you desire. Then place the apples, sticks facing up, on a sheet of wax paper and refrigerate overnight or until set.

Yield: Makes enough to coat 5 apples

Related topics: holidays, fall

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This article is really fantastic and thanks for sharing the valuable post.,,,


The whole can itself goes into the crockpot. I've done this before in the oven but this way seems easier somehow. Put it in my coffee? Whoa...I might have to make this soon!!!


No way! I'm so trying this!! Cool!


Put the entire unopened can into the slow cooker. Alternatively, you can open the can and place milk into a canning jar or two (I use 2 small jelly jars) and place those into the cooker. Cover the can, or canning jars, with water. Cook until caramelized. It is amazing. Kids use it to dip apples in. I use it for my salted caramel mochas.


I'm confused.. step 1... put the can of condensed milk in crockpot... pour the contents of the can in the crockpot or am I literally putting the can in the crockpot? opened or still sealed? 2.. fill my crockpot until the can is covered? fill it with what? HELP cuz this looks easy and amazing, but I can't get past step one! :)