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Be you, Bravely Shirts are AVAILABLE NOW!

be you, bravely

May 2, 2014

Do you remember the special edition t-shirt from the Be you, Bravely video? (Of course you did, who am I kidding?) Plus, I just posted the video above to jog your memory. (Like Phesic in The Princess Bride, but I digress.) Our order has arrived and they are now available for purchase! (Hooray!) They are only going to be available for a limited time, so make sure to get yours soon.

Where can you buy one:

Here's where to find them: When you get there click "Theme" on the left hand side in the Product Categories box.

And while you're at it look around at the super cute mugs, coasters, pens and necklace charms (to go with your courage key


It seems we spend all of our time doing two things- living and waiting to live.

If you are like us, that waiting to live category is comprised of a few things that make us uncomfortable, things that require courage to act. For us it means that we have dreams we want to see realized, conversations that we need to have and decisions we have been avoiding.

Sometimes realizing how significant an action is makes it harder to accomplish. We become paralyzed from acting because starting feels risky. The urgency of the day to day demands become the easiest to achieve. Days, months and even years go by with the same opportunities standing in front of us- waiting to be chosen.

What we all seem to have in common is that we need a nudge. A nudge to get us out of our ruts and routines so that we can be reminded to risk bravely. 

At MOPS we believe that you were meant to live deeply and so we have created this year’s theme to inspire you to choose the extraordinary.

Be you, Bravely is designed to help us become more ourselves. To remind us that courage is always worth it and that we are all in this together. Cheering each other on toward our futures is the gift of community at MOPS.

We are so excited to journey alongside you this year as we ask one another what it means to “Be you, Bravely.”


You want one of these shirts, don't you?

This special edition Be you, Bravely shirt will be available later this month! Follow us on Facebook for updates or go to our online store in a few weeks.

By the way...

Our kind friends at a small print shop helped us make these shirts. They'd be happy to help you make your own shirts as well. 


There are lots of ways to join us as we live bravely this next year.

Hello, Darling blog 

We'll be here, sharing stories of courage. Encouraging each other. Reminding one another, that the little voice within our soul beckoning us to something more is real, and worth listening to. There will be videos, interviews and real-life accounts of courage.

MOPS Membership

When you beocme a MOPS member you join the tribe of women raising the world together. This year's membership focuses on the courage to Be you, Bravely. The welcome kit includes A Courage Key - a charm that you can wear on a necklace to help you embrace your inner courage, and then pass on to another woman when they need the reminder more than you do. Plus, you'll receive lots of other great benefits in the welcome kit and throughout the year. 

Join a MOPS Group

Journey into bravery sitting across the table from moms who are venturing into bravery themselves. Seriously. Do it. We dare you. 

Sometimes when someone asks us to dream big, it can be overwhelming. But, if you were to narrow it down to just one thing... if you had more courage, what's that one thing you would do?




Our order has arrived and they are now available for purchase! They are only going to be available for a limited time, so make sure to get yours soon.

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Share your thoughts

Are you going to have more of the special edition available?


I love her necklace! Etsy? link? :-D Thank you!




Jamie, thanks for your question. The system we use for our online store cannot handle discounts for bulk orders, but please know that this special edition shirt is helping to subsidize MOPS ministry.


I am really bummed the T-shirts are so expensive.


Janet, we did our best to keep the price as low as we can, but with manufacturing costs, and the profit sharing with the people who run our store, we had to list our shirts at a pretty standard t-shirt price. We have provided the Be you, Bravely logo online in a variety of formats, and we welcome you to have shirts made for your individual groups if this option is helpful. But know that this special edition t-shirt is helping subsidize MOPS ministry.