We are responsible for our collective thriving as a global sisterhood of mothers.

There is a concept that originated in Africa called ubuntu. The word itself often translates to “humanity,” but it holds a deeper meaning encapsulating a profound way of life and seeing:

I am because you are. My humanity is inextricably bound up in yours. We, as humanity, depend on one another, belong to each other and are responsible for our collective thriving.

She may be raising her children in a village in India or Guatemala, fleeing her war-torn land or carrying her baby through the bustling streets of Kampala or London. Wherever she may be, she is a mother who shares your vision: to see her family thrive.

That is our vision, too.

Right now, MOPS groups are meeting in more than 40 countries around the world – from Albania to Zambia – and this movement continues to grow. We believe that something as simple as mom friendships can tear down walls and transform the world.
Email us at globalsisterhood@mops.org to get involved with groups around the world.