Here at MOPS, we believe in the church.

Welcome to MOPS, friend. We are excited to get to know you!

We know in our gut that when churches reside in a community, profound things happen.

We have seen time and time again that showing up in ways that the people who live down the street and around the corner are longing for, causes the very essence of Jesus to seep onto sidewalks and into bodegas, through open windows and into hearts.

That’s why we support churches in reaching their communities. And we know that one of the best ways to influence communities is to impact families. 

MOPS is an intergenerational community engagement offering that equips churches with resources to engage moms in their community.


We serve moms of all ages with children age birth through elementary school-age, and offer an opportunity for seasoned mentor moms to serve.

Community Engagement

MOPS is all about offering moms a place to engage in community, with your church as the hub.

Equip Churches

We’ve worked for over 40 years to create tools that support churches and leaders and engage moms on a soul impact level. MOPS has everything you need to succeed at this ministry.

We would love to help you welcome the women in your neighborhood who are looking for glimmers of hope, deep friendships and a faith community that embraces them with embarrassingly big hugs.

MOPS is a Key Strategic Growth Partner

Data-driven and Research-backed

MOPS analyzes cutting edge data and ground breaking research to develop materials and strategies based on what is actually working in the current cultural climate.

What will you get? (Hey, it’s an important question!)

We’ll send you everything you need to start a group that flourishes.

  • Comprehensive curriculum – Video segments, meeting plans, discussion questions and workbooks for each group member
  • Curriculum for the kiddos – We call it MOPPETS, and it introduces the little people to Jesus while moms are building relationships in MOPS
  • Coaching from our experts – You’ll have a coach who can walk you through every step of the process, will answer questions and be there to offer ideas that we have seen work.
  • Group Management Tools – To help you organize your community of moms
  • Access to our Leader section – Filled with ideas, practical resources and leadership training
  • Plus lots more! Check out the whole list

Here’s a Sneak Peek:

Get a feel for the curriculum we create each year.

Take a peak at our Annual Theme

Find out why moms resonate with MOPS

What people are saying about MOPS…

I am so grateful to our MOPS ministry that is actually making a difference in our community and church as it impacts this demographic for the Kingdom. Every week I am welcoming new young families to our church, many of which their first contact to us was through the MOPS ministry.

Poly Rouse, Pastor
Hermitage Hills Baptist Church
Hermitage, TN

Over the years, I have seen time and time again how MOPS is an on-ramp for women in to church. Women often start to seek spiritual meaning after having children; they ask more questions and may begin to seek God in a new way. At our church, about 1/3 of the MOPS group moms are from outside our church. That’s totally great! I love that we have a mix of women in our MOPS group. I know that there are women coming to church for the first time, or returning to church, and I know that moms are coming to Christ. We know that new families come to the church because of MOPS.

Kay Morrison, Women’s Ministry Pastor
Greenwood Community Church
Englewood, CO

MOPS has been ahead of culture for years. MOPS says, ‘Here is a place you can come and belong.  We’re going to make it a safe place and meet you right where you are.  Belong here as long as you want, then belief can come whoever you are ready as the spirit moves in your life.’  While many organizations have to rethink their approach, MOPS is poised to reach the culture today.

Robert Gelinas, Pastor
Colorado Community Church

One last thing.

Every month over 25,000 women use our group search to find a group in their area. That’s 25,000 women looking for a community to be a part of. We’d love it if you were that community. Contact our Outreach Team to find out how many moms are looking for community in your area.